Yoga Alliance Policies and Bylaws

Elevating quality, integrity, inclusion, education, and safety in yoga is paramount to all that we do at Yoga Alliance. In order to uphold those values, we require all members to review and abide by our policies.

In an effort to best serve our members and the community, we may occasionally publish updates to improve our policies. Members are notified via the email address associated with their account whenever policy updates are published. The most current version of the policy will apply upon receipt of a grievance. The most current and governing versions of our policies and bylaws are listed below.

As of February 27, 2020, all Yoga Alliance members share a collective Ethical Commitment that includes an updated Code of Conduct, a new Scope of Practice, and an awareness of and responsibility to equity in yoga. The Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice may both be found under General Policies below.

Yoga Alliance reserves the right to immediately suspend any member’s credentials and registration for the duration of any pending law enforcement investigation, criminal or civil legal proceedings, or an internal investigation.

Separately, Yoga Alliance may also impose final sanctions on a member’s credentials and registration for cause, including failure to uphold any of the above policies. For these purposes, prior to imposing final sanctions on the member, Yoga Alliance will provide notice of the basis for the potential final sanction and an opportunity to respond. After review of the evidence, Yoga Alliance will issue a decision as to whether to impose final sanctions, based on its reasonable judgment of the evidence before it. All members agree to hold Yoga Alliance harmless for any losses or damage that they may incur because of the revocation of credentials.

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If you believe that an individual or organization is in violation of our policies please contact our Accountability Team by completing this form.

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