Certificate Requirements for RYT Registration

Last Updated: May 11, 2021

To register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher, applicants must provide proof of successful completion of a Registered Yoga School teacher training. Most potential members will provide a certificate from their RYS. To meet application requirements, the RYS certificate must have the following:

  • The name of the RYS as it is registered with Yoga Alliance in English characters;
  • The handwritten signature of an authorized signatory from the RYS who is not the registrant (self signed certificates are not accepted), and the legal name of the signatory in English characters;
  • The Track designation, i.e., the level of training conducted (e.g., 200-hour, 300-hour, 500-hour, Children's, Prenatal);
  • The program completion date (day, month and year); and
  • The legal name of the trainee in English characters

If a member or applicant is not able to provide a certificate that meets Yoga Alliance requirements, Yoga Alliance reserves the right to revoke the RYT registration or upgrade at any time without refund.

RYS Best Practices for Certificate Distribution:

  • RYSs are required to ensure trainees fulfill all obligations related to successful completion of training prior to issuing a certificate, including completion of practicum, all assignments, and competency requirements. We also recommend fulfillment of tuition payment and any other requirements prior to issuing a certificate.
  • If you are issuing two certificates (a participation and graduation certificate for Yoga Alliance registration), clearly communicate to your trainees the respective requirements and differences between the two. For participation certificates, we recommend adding a disclaimer that this certificate does not meet the Yoga Alliance requirements.
  • To help set expectations with your trainees, let them know when they can anticipate receiving their certificates post completion of training.

Each RYS submits to Yoga Alliance a sample certificate that the RYS issues to students who have completed a teacher training program at the RYS. Yoga Alliance will compare the certificate the applicant provides with the sample certificate from RYS to validate successful completion of a RYS teacher training program for trainees who submit registration applications. If the teacher training certificate submitted by the trainee matches the sample certificate on file, Yoga Alliance may approve the request, taking the certificate as evidence that the applicant successfully completed the training. If the certificates do not match, Yoga Alliance will review previous submissions for comparison. Then, Yoga Alliance will attempt to contact the RYS to determine whether the RYS has changed its certificate format. Applicants who submit fraudulent certificates may be barred from future registration with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Alliance reserves the right to publicly display all submitted certificates by any registrant as proof of their successful completion of their RYS training (required for RYT registration).

An RYS may update the certificate Yoga Alliance has on file for any registered Track at any time. Yoga Alliance encourages each RYS Owner to keep their current certificates on file in their account and to update the certificate as it changes to ensure that trainees will be able to register with Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance may require an RYS to confirm and/or update the certificate on file at any time.

* Additional Location Directory Listing Certificates: All certificates issued by an RYS must have the name of the RYS as it is registered with Yoga Alliance. If a training program is offered at one of the additional locations listed on the Yoga Alliance Directory, that name may also be included, however, certificates that do not show the name of the RYS as it is registered with Yoga Alliance will not be recognized as valid proof of successful completion of a RYS training program.

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