YACEP Certificate Requirements

Last Updated: December 31, 2017

Each YACEP is required to provide each individual that completes a YACEP course, class or workshop that includes contact hours with a certificate indicating the successful completion of the course.

Each YACEP understands that it is their responsibility to understand what subject matter falls into each Educational Category and only uses the YACEP Designation in accordance with those rules.

They also understand that the Yoga Alliance Educational Categories do not include diagnosis or treatment of mental or physical health conditions and have agreed that they will not offer courses, classes or workshops for CE credit that have as a substantial component instruction in diagnosis or treatment of mental or physical health conditions, as per the YACEP Terms and Conditions.

Each certificate must include, at a minimum:

  • The legal name of the YACEP as it is on record with Yoga Alliance, in English characters
  • The name of the course, class or workshop as listed in the YACEP directory
  • The legal name of the participant, in English characters
  • The handwritten signature of the YACEP attesting to the participant’s successful completion of the course, class or workshop
  • The date the participant successfully completed the course, class or workshop (day, month and year), and
  • The number of contact and/or non contact hours by Educational Category

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