Yoga Alliance (YA) is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. 

Our mission is to spread the power of yoga one person at a time.

We believe that the individual experience of yoga is of paramount importance, and are committed to supporting the passage of yoga from trainer to teacher, teacher to student, and student to aspiring yogi. Our role as the national support organization for the yoga community is to ensure that the practice of yoga will keep growing, so that more people will connect with yoga and be transformed. As an organization we keep several core values at heart: service, transparency, learning and community.

Yoga Alliance is actually two nonprofit organizations in one: a professional and trade association as well as a public charity.

Currently, we have over 45,000 registered teachers and more than 3,000 registered schools.

We serve the public and the yoga community in the following ways:



Yoga Alliance sets standards and provides credentials that are the premier form of recognition for yoga teachers and teacher-training programs. Our directory is the most comprehensive resource of trained professional teachers and teacher-training programs available in the world. New enhanced profiles allow you to promote yourself and tell your unique story as a yoga teacher or school. Built-in ratings and reviews also give the public more information to choose the program that is right for them. We call this process “social credentialing” because it combines our traditional credentialing system with the best practices of social ratings sites to bring more transparency to our credentialing process.

member benefits

Member Benefits

Our members have access to special benefits that range from educational events like workshops and conferences, to exclusive Member Perks from our affinity partners, to a vibrant and diverse community of other yoga professionals that they can connect with.


Communication and Representation

We provide a forum of communication for the yoga community, for whom we serve as a watchdog and advocate. We plan to weigh in on relevant issues to help create an environment in which yoga teachers and business owners can earn a sustainable living in yoga and to promote our mission of spreading the power of yoga, one person at a time.


We support the yoga community through providing education opportunities, including online workshops, an annual conference and multimedia information and analysis about industry issues.

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