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Last Updated: December 31, 2017

An Affiliate Relationship between two yoga schools is one where one school authorizes the use of one or more of their syllabi by the other school or business, which then administers a yoga teacher training program. Yoga Alliance recognizes that an Affiliate Relationship may exist between schools, and therefore recognizes that if the school sharing its syllabus (the “Primary” school) is a Registered Yoga School (“RYS”) and the other school using that shared syllabus (the “Affiliate” school) desires to be a RYS. Then the Affiliate school may also qualify for RYS registration, provided the Affiliate school meets all other Yoga Alliance requirements. Other than accepting both sides’ affirmation of the relationship as meeting a part of the RYS standards, Yoga Alliance is not involved in the Affiliate Relationship in any way. All agreements between the two schools are the responsibility of the Primary RYS and the Affiliate RYS, and Yoga Alliance will not get involved in any disputes between them.

Yoga Alliance will recognize the Affiliate Relationship as long as both parties affirm it and only for the duration of that time when both parties are willing to affirm the relationship exists. Either side may terminate the relationship at any time, either by the Primary school revoking permission for the Affiliate school to use the Primary school’s syllabus or by the Affiliate school discontinuing use of the Primary school’s syllabus. It is the obligation of both the Primary school and the Affiliate school to notify Yoga Alliance promptly upon termination of any Affiliate Relationship.

If the Affiliate Relationship is terminated, the Affiliate school will lose eligibility to use the RYS mark unless and until the Affiliate applies for its own RYS Designation. The Affiliate’s registration will expire immediately upon termination of the Affiliate Relationship, the Affiliate’s Directory listing will be removed, and the Affiliate must immediately discontinue use of the RYS mark.

Yoga Alliance may suspend or bar a former Affiliate school from future registration with Yoga Alliance if it continues to use of the RYS mark after termination of an Affiliate Relationship and before Yoga Alliance provides approval of a new application.

An Affiliate RYS has a unique name, YA ID number and online Directory listing and profile in the Yoga Alliance Directory, and may use the RYS Registry Mark associated with the designation(s) of all approved Affiliate Tracks. Affiliate schools receive independent reviews of the teacher trainings programs they offer, and their overall school ratings include the ratings from all Affiliate Track(s) and standard Tracks registered under the Affiliate RYS’s name and YA ID.

Affiliate Relationships are initiated by an applicant Affiliate RYS, and must be affirmed by the Primary RYS before registration can be completed. An Affiliate RYS has all the rights, benefits, duties and responsibilities of any other RYS.

Affiliate Relationships are valid for one year at a time and must be renewed annually by the Affiliate RYS. The Affiliate RYS may not renew its registration for more than one year past the renewal date of the Primary RYS. The Primary RYS must maintain the shared Track in a state of current registration with Yoga Alliance in order for the Affiliate RYS to renew. If the Primary RYS Track’s registration expires, the Affiliate will remain current and appear in the Directory listing until their current renewal period ends.

Certificates issued by an Affiliate RYS for the completion of an Affiliate Track must include the name of the Affiliate RYS, not the Primary RYS.

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