YACEP Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: February 7, 2019

A “YACEP®” is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® who has been verified by and is in good standing with Yoga Alliance. A YACEP is verified as possessing expertise in one or more of Yoga Alliance’s Educational Categories.

A YACEP may only call themselves a YACEP for courses, classes or workshops with content related to Yoga Alliance’s Educational Categories and for which they have been verified as having the relevant expertise. While YACEPs may offer courses, classes or workshops in other content areas, they may not represent themselves as YACEPs when referring to courses, classes or workshops that do not relate to an Educational Category for which they have been verified, and those other courses, classes or workshops may not qualify as Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.

Thus, I acknowledge it is my responsibility to understand what subject matter falls into each Educational Category and agree to only use the YACEP Designation in accordance with these rules. I understand that the Yoga Alliance Educational Categories do not include diagnosis or treatment of mental or physical health conditions and agree that I will not offer courses, classes or workshops for CE credit that have as a substantial component instruction in diagnosis or treatment of mental or physical health conditions.

I also understand and agree that anyone who takes any YACEP advertised course, class or workshop I offer and list on Yoga Alliance’s website may review the course, class or workshop and I understand that parts of these reviews of my course, class or workshop may be visible to the public on my YACEP profile page.

I agree that I will be the sole instructor for any course, class or workshop I offer for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit. All YACEP courses, classes or workshops will be categorized and advertised with the number of contact and/or non-contact hours related to the individual Educational Categories for which I have been verified.

I understand that as a YACEP, Yoga Alliance requires that I provide each individual that completes a YACEP course, class or workshop with a certificate indicating the successful completion of the course, class or workshop. Each certificate must include, at a minimum:

  • My legal name as it is on record with Yoga Alliance, in English characters
  • The name of the course, class or workshop as I have listed it in the YACEP directory
  • The legal name of the participant, in English characters
  • My handwritten signature attesting to the participant’s successful completion of the course, class or workshop
  • The date the participant successfully completed the course, class or workshop (day, month and year), and
  • The number of contact and/or non contact hours by Educational Category

I agree not to provide any such certificates to any individual who did not participate in all contact or non-contact hours of the course, class or workshop or who did not successfully complete the course, class or workshop.

As a YACEP, I also understand that I will have responsibility to review confirmation requests from course, class or workshop participants via my Yoga Alliance website account and to confirm or deny those requests.

I understand that my ongoing status as a YACEP is subject to ongoing compliance with Yoga Alliance’s Code of Conduct, Trademark Agreement, and all relevant Yoga Alliance policies, together with the payment of all applicable fees.

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