Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Alliance Foundation provide financial and audit reports that allow members, donors, the broader yoga community, and other stakeholders to assess the progress the organizations have made towards achieving strategic goals as well as operational effectiveness and accountability measures.

Our Impact Investment Work

From 2018-2023, Yoga Alliance deepened investments in broadening access to yoga, supporting yoga professionals in times of need, fostering equity and belonging, and advocating for yoga and those who share the practice. Thanks to all who contribute to this work, more people around the world had yoga as a critical resource for strength and healing amidst personal, national, and global crises.

Yoga Alliance invested over $1.5 million from 2018-2023 in grants, sponsorships, and community giving for a more expansive, accessible, and equitable yoga community. Funding went to the areas yoga professionals told us were most needed, including: community support ($896,000), reducing barriers to access ($328,000), and amplifying the power of yoga ($277,000).

The yearly total funding disbursed through grants, sponsorships, and community giving grew significantly (+227%) over this five-year period, with peak giving in 2020 ($543,000) – primarily to support yoga professionals in the wake of the COVID pandemic. During this five-year time period, Yoga Alliance also created programs and resources for yoga professionals in response to community feedback and requests; those investments are not included in the grants, sponsorships, and community giving totals noted above.

For example, in 2022 Yoga Alliance made its primary impact investments through supportive services such as well-being and business support programs for yoga professionals facing barriers to access; this was in lieu of direct disbursements, which were below typical levels in 2022. And since 2021, Yoga Alliance has invested in innovative tools to support yoga professionals and advocate for increased access to yoga. In 2023 Yoga Alliance began a shift away from individual grant and assistance programs, and towards partnership-based impact investments and initiatives to integrate yoga into other sectors.

Financial Years

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