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Comprehensive personal and professional wellness support for you and the people you love.

Access Services

The Member Assistance Program is designed to assist members and their households through access to comprehensive well-being resources, guidance, and support. This benefit is free for all Yoga Alliance members and included in membership; it comes at no cost to you, your dependents or household members.

This program provides you and your household members with:

  • In-the-moment mental health support whenever you need it
  • Help dealing with stress and burnout
  • Problem-solving for everyday issues
  • Planning towards life goals
  • Access to professional experts for major life events
  • Peace-of-mind support for financial decisions
  • Support with class waivers and understanding liability
  • Access to a legal professional to discuss business policies

What is included in the program?

Mental Health Support 24/7 phone access to a licensed professional counselor, in confidence

Work and Life Services for access to experts and resources that support life events like elder/adult care, adoption, parenting, childcare, and special needs

Legal and Financial Services with industry experts for financial planning, estate planning, bankruptcy, personal injury, and major life event planning

This program is available to Yoga Alliance members. Click here to become a member.

Our Partner

Lytle Logo

All Member Assistance Program services are offered through our partner Lytle AllOne Health Company. Lytle facilitates all program account details, which include confidential in-the-moment support and work/life referral services to support daily work and life challenges.

LytleEAP Partners is a third party.  YA/YAF does not warrant or make any representations regarding the products or services of third parties, including services provided or offered outside of those stated as part of the Member Assistance Program, and is not liable for any products, services, acts, or omissions of any user or third party.

Have you used the Member Assistance Program?

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Is there a cost to use the Member Assistance Program?

No - The Member Assistance Program is included in your membership with Yoga Alliance. Services provided through the program are free to members, their households, and dependents. 

The call-in service for mental health is "in the moment" support - What does that mean? How is this different than regular therapy?

The in-the-moment support is designed to be in response to a particular situation or issue. Individuals can expect to be supported through active listening, resource sharing, and problem-solving. It can be used to talk about a particular situation, discuss ways to deal with stress and burnout, or even just to learn more about techniques that can support your overall well-being. This offering differs from typical therapy as is it not pre- scheduled appointments. 

Is there a limit to how many times you can use the 24/7 mental health support by phone?

No, there’s no limit - The 24/7 in-the-moment support is available to use as often as you need it. 

How long do the "in the moment" sessions typically last?

There is no time limit on the in-the-moment support. The length of the sessions is dependent on the individual and their goals and/or needs. 

What are the credentials and educational background of the people answering the phone for mental health support?

They are master's level and/or licensed professional counselors. 

How do the legal, financial, and work/life services work?

First, you will call or submit a request in the portal describing the type of support you're looking for. (Think: What is the goal/what would you like to walk away with?) Then, you'll be assigned to a professional expert who will contact you within 2-3 business days. 

If we call for assistance on various topics, such as financial and legal guidance, how does that work? Is there a limit on how many times you can use those services?

Access to professional experts is included in the Member Assistance Program, and there is no limit to how many times you use it! Based on your questions, you may be directed to multiple experts that will cover different topics with you. 

I noticed the login codes are different if you are located within the United States or internationally. Why is that?

Yoga Alliance has partnered with Lytle, an AllOne Health Company, to offer a comprehensive program to all members. Based on your location, you'll navigate to either the domestic or the international portal. 

I currently live in the US but will be traveling abroad & eventually living abroad and back & further to the US. Can I access both portals?

Yes! You may access either the domestic or international portal depending on where you are currently living 

How diverse is Lytle (your service partner)? It is important for me to be able to connect with a counselor who has similar lived experiences as I do.

All Member Assistance Program services are offered through our partner Lytle AllOne Health Company. Their staff represents many different backgrounds and experiences. When you call the 24/7 phone line, they encourage you to specify what you are looking for and who you are most comfortable speaking with. They will do their best to accommodate your request with the availability of the counselors at that moment. 

I'm not tech-savvy. Can someone help me log in for the first time and set up my account?

The Yoga Alliance team is here to help. Email us at to schedule a call. Our staff is fully versed on the Member Assistance Program portal and can help you log in and set up your account.

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