Prohibited Individuals Policy

Last Updated: December 31, 2017

All those who have earned the RYS, RYT, or YACEP credential are referred to collectively as “Members,” and their status of holding a credential as “Registration.” Yoga Alliance reserves the right to:

  • suspend or revoke the Member registration of any yoga teacher, yoga teacher training program, or continuing education provider,
  • and/or to bar a yoga teacher, yoga teacher training program, or individual involved with a yoga teacher training program from registering with Yoga Alliance for a set period of time or permanently

if the school, teacher, YACEP, or individual:

  • violates any Yoga Alliance policy, fails to pay dues or fees owed when due,
  • has undergone changes such that it no longer meets the applicable RYS standards,
  • has falsely represented that the school meets the RYS standards, RYT requirements, YACEP requirements,
  • has otherwise provided false or fraudulent information to Yoga Alliance, and/or
  • has used Yoga Alliance marks without authorization.
  • Suspended, revoked, and barred individuals (“restricted individuals”) may not be involved with a Registered Yoga School as a trainer, faculty, staff or owner. School Track applications that include a restricted individual on the list of trainers or faculty will be rejected, and the application fee will not be refunded. Schools with a restricted individual listed as a staff member will be required to remove the restricted individual from their list of staff in their RYS account. Failure to do so may result in rejection of a school’s application to become an RYS or revocation of a school’s registration.

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