English Language Characters Policy

Last Updated: December 31, 2017

All applicant names on Registered Yoga School certificates, all legal first and last names, and all school names must be in English characters. Yoga Alliance requires all applications, syllabi, certificates, school names, and first and last names to be submitted using English characters.

Information provided on the application and syllabus is used to validate that the registration requirements are met. Applications and/or certificates submitted in another language or with non-English characters will be returned to the applicant with a request to resubmit in English characters. If the application is not returned in English characters within the duration of the 45-day review window, the application will be rejected and no application fee refunds will be issued.

Certificate names, legal first and last names, and school names are required to be in English characters because Yoga Alliance uses this information to validate potential RYTs and whether they meet Yoga Alliance requirements for registration. If a user’s first and last name are entered in non-English characters and the certificate is in English characters (or vice versa), Yoga Alliance is unable to determine the authenticity of the certificate, and therefore unable to accept registration from these applicants.

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