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Agonda Beach, Agonda, Goa

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Sampoorna Yoga
Maharashtra, India

About Sampoorna Yoga

If you are in search of a great Yoga TTC, Sampoorna Yoga may be the best place for you! We are a Yoga Teacher Training Center rooted in Indian yogic tradition. Our name, ‘Sampoorna’, is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘full’, ‘total’, or ‘absolute’. And it truly reflects what...

If you are in search of a great Yoga TTC, Sampoorna Yoga may be the best place for you!

We are a Yoga Teacher Training Center rooted in Indian yogic tradition. Our name, ‘Sampoorna’, is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘full’, ‘total’, or ‘absolute’. And it truly reflects what we aim to bring to our students through our yoga courses and retreats.

This concept of totality and completeness is reflected in our teachings, in the respect we have for yoga traditions, and the acceptance of students from all traditions and lineages, all over the world. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional and comprehensive yoga instruction to support your personal practice and your teaching journey. 

We are one of the best yoga teacher training schools in India. We opened our doors in 2009, and since then we have graduated more than 12,000 yoga teachers from all over the world through our In-Person YTTCs, Refresher Courses, and Yoga Retreats in our two locations: Goa, India, and Costa Rica, and also with our Online courses. The majority of our alumni have become very successful yoga teachers, yoga studio owners, and even yoga school founders. 

Our Sampoorna Yoga Village, in India, spreads in a 22,000 square meters property with 60 cottages surrounded by palm trees, and seven stunning ocean-view yoga studios is a sanctuary to nurture your soul and nourish your body and mind with its extremely beautiful, very well organized, safe and secure premises.

Sampoorna Yoga, located right on Agonda beach in South Goa, India, is truly a home away from home for all our yoga students and yoga practitioners who aim to grow in their yoga path while indulging in nature and is one of the best places in the world to take a yoga teacher training course.

We offer the following Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Goa, India; Costa Rica and Online:

1.      200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga (in English and Spanish)

2.      300-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow

3.      300-hour Arogya Yoga Teacher Training

4.      60-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training (in English and Spanish)

5.      100-Hour Meditation and Ayurveda Course


To know more about our school and our programs please visit our website, or send an email to

First Registered May 2011

Online Trainings

Approved through 2021 RYS Online Teaching Exemption:
  • Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
  • Sampoorna Yoga - RYS300
Approved through 2022-2023 RYS Online Teaching Application:
  • Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200

Upcoming Training Dates

RYS® 200

Mar 10, 2024—Apr 4, 2024
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
Feb 11, 2024—Mar 7, 2024
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
Jan 14, 2024—Feb 8, 2024
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
Dec 17, 2023—Jan 11, 2024
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
Nov 19, 2023—Dec 14, 2023
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
Oct 22, 2023—Nov 16, 2023
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
Sep 24, 2023—Oct 19, 2023
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
Sep 1, 2023—Sep 24, 2023
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
May 7, 2023—Jun 1, 2023
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
Apr 9, 2023—May 4, 2023
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200
Mar 12, 2023—Apr 6, 2023
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS200

RYS® 300

Feb 11, 2024—Mar 9, 2024
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS300
Jan 14, 2024—Feb 10, 2024
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS300
Nov 19, 2023—Dec 16, 2023
Sampoorna Yoga - RYS300
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First Registered May 2011

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By Jil Bondi RYT® 500

Mar 21, 2023

Full Review

By Ananda de Jager RYT® 200

Mar 21, 2023

Sampoorna Yoga in Agonda Beach, Goa, like any yoga school, had it's positives and negatives. While some of the rooms we slept in looked nothing like the photographs, they were convenient, cool (if you turned on the AC) and big enough. However, I stayed in a single room next to a double room, and could easily hear all the conversations of my neighbours through the thin walls. My recommendation would be to put all single rooms next to each other, as people often pick single rooms for the reason of quiteness. While the meals were amazing, they were not all included as mentioned on their website, namely the saturday dinner and sunday lunch were your own responsibility (this was not mentioned before, but no problem). The kitchen staff was always very friendly. The WiFi is OK for Indian standards. Some of the teachers were great and knowledgeable, while others just graduated from another school and were already teaching during their karma yoga (even if it is mentioned on the website that karma yogi's should have graduated from Sampoorna). This seemed very odd to me, especially since many students pay a large sum of money and travel from all over the world to join the Yoga teacher training. For example, there was an inversion workshop, but not all of the teachers were able to do all inversions. This seemed odd to me. The vinyasa and ashtanga classes by the Indian teachers were amazing, and I highly recommend them. Be aware that if you pay by card upon arrival, you suddenly have to pay a 2% fee on top to Sampoorna Yoga. One of the classes that was supposed to be taught by the owner, Deepak, on the business of yoga on our final day, did not happen at all as he did not show up. He never apologized or gave us another option, yet he led the whole graduation while not having taught a single class. Lastly, anyone who comes will pass, no matter if they pass the theoretical exam, join all the classes or are actively involved. You need no yoga experience to join the training, so there is a large difference in level of the students. If you look for an intense training, a beautiful beach and a challenging but rewarding experience, I would recommend Sampoorna, but keep in mind the above mentioned negatives. Full Review

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Teaching Staff

Eli Aguilar


Deepak Sharma

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Neelima Nalawadey

RYT® 200

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