Important RYS Policies

Registered Yoga Schools (RYS®) often ask about our Policies. They include:

Teacher Registration Eligibility Policy

In order for your trainees to register, your school must be in good standing and currently registered at the start date and/or end date of your teacher training.

Ownership + Disputes Policy

Owners are the legal owner(s) and/or legal representative of a for-profit school with decisional authority over the business and Leaders are the chief employed executive or the Chair of the board of directors of a non-profit school. Only Owners or Leaders may create a RYS account, they must accept the RYS Ownership agreement and agree to the Code of Conduct and Yoga Therapy Policy. Owners and Leaders are solely responsible for affirming that their record is accurate and up-to-date Yoga Alliance. After an Owner or Leader creates a school account, that person may add other Owners or Leaders and/or assign certain roles to staff (such as Syllabus Manager, Program Manager, or Profile Manager). Want to learn more? Read the full Ownership Policy.

Affiliate RYS Terms and Conditions

An Affiliate Relationship between two yoga schools is one where one school authorizes the use of one or more of their syllabi by the other school or business, which then administers a yoga teacher training. Read the full Affiliate RYS Policy.

Accountability Procedures

Every human being has the right to practice yoga free from abuse and harassment. Please see our Accountability page for more information about reporting a Standards, General Policy, or Code of Conduct violation. Please report via phone at 1.888.921.9642 or email

In addition, Yoga Alliance recently created a Sexual Misconduct Policy and supporting Procedures. To report a first-hand experience, please call 1.888.912.1770 Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm ET, or email

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