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We host regular online workshops so that so you can learn from the comfort of your very own home, studio or local tea shop. Recordings of these online workshops will be posted approximately one week after they have concluded and are available to active members.

Members may access our online workshops for free. If you would like to attend an upcoming workshop but are not a member, you can pay a small fee to register for the workshop. Log-in, listen and learn!


Upcoming Online Workshops

Raising the Bar on Yoga Teacher Training and the Case for Social Credentialing

Join us to learn the vision and goals of our new Social Credentialing system, including the growing need for oversight of teacher training programs, how Social Credentialing protects diversity, the importance of verified/non-anonymous feedback and the responsibility Yoga Alliance has to the yoga community and the general public. We’ll close with a Q&A portion where we’ll welcome your feedback and questions. Log in, listen and learn!

> April 24, 2014 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST


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Past Online Workshops

Active RYTs can access the recordings of past online workshops. Click the play button or log in to your account to watch the videos.

The Next Generation of Yoga Alliance


RYS Training  
Using the New Website

Learn how to set up your new RYS profile page, which offers a robust tool to help our members promote their teacher-training programs. In this workshop, we’ll show you how to complete your new profile, including your syllabus, school description, photo gallery, locations and more. We’ll review a variety of new features, including “staff roles,” which lets you delegate account management tasks to others on your training team. We’ll also show you how our new Social Credentialing system works, in which RYTs will evaluate your teacher-training program.



RYT Training  
Using the New Website

Learn how to set up your new RYT profile and make the most out of our new website. The new profiles allow you to share more about you and your yoga teaching.
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What the Next Generation of Yoga Alliance Means for You

Join Richard Karpel, president and CEO of Yoga Alliance, to learn more about the next generation of Yoga Alliance and what it means for you. 

Learn about our new strategic direction, including how we’re working to boost the value of your membership with new member benefits, education and transparency, and how we plan to add rigor and credibility to our credentialing system. With your participation, together we can spread the power of yoga, one person at a time. 
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The Conversion to RYS 300 - A Workshop for RYS 200 & 500s

As a part of our efforts to clarify the standards and clarify your offerings to potential teacher trainees, we’re changing the nomenclature of RYS 200 & 500. Schools that formerly held the designation RYS 200 & 500 will now hold two designations: RYS 200 and RYS 300. In order to hold the RYS 300 designation, a school must also offer a foundational 200-hour program as well. We are also changing the 300-hour advanced standards so that the RYS 300 standards are now equal to the RYS 500 minus the RYS 200 standards. The new requirements offer you more flexibility, with a wider range of elective hours. 



The New Credentialing System - A Must Attend Workshop for RYSs

Join our director of credentialing, Pam Weber, and director of programs and training, Nicole Mitchell, for a detailed discussion of the upcoming changes with our credentialing system. In this workshop, we’ll review the new requirements for Registered Yoga Schools, such as providing a syllabus, entering and verifying your trainees online, and preparing for your trainees to evaluate your training program(s). We’ll review the new system called “social credentialing,” which combines the best practices of online rating systems with traditional credentialing, and is our way of addressing the need to increase rigor and oversight of the Yoga Alliance credentialing system.
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Yoga and Law

Opening a Yoga Studio: A Discussion of Ethical and Legal Considerations

Join Yoga Alliance, Darren Main and Gary Kissiah on a discussion of ethical and legal considerations for opening a yoga studio. As a former yoga studio owner, Darren will share his thoughts on the common ethical questions new studio owners face, such as how to work with and alongside competing studios in your community. As a lawyer who has worked with yoga studios, Gary will walk us through the most important legal issues you need to know before you open your doors, including leasing, partnership arrangements, necessary registrations and permits.




Learn about Yoga Liability

As a yoga teachers or studio owners, we are concerned about liability. This online workshop will discuss the sources of legal liability to which we may be exposed in our yoga businesses. It will offer a three-limbed strategy to reduce our exposure to liability. We will discuss whether you need a legal entity to protect you from liability if you own a yoga studio or if you are a yoga teacher. We will also explore best practices to resolve a legal matter in a positive way rather than damaging your legal case. This online workshop has been designed to be equally useful for both yoga studios and yoga teachers. The basic principles that we will be exploring will be helpful in Canada as well.



Employees or Independent Contractors? New Legal Risks and Liabilities

During this 90-minute online workshop intended for yoga studio owners, we will cover the many issues involving the characterization of yoga teachers and other yoga studio workers as either independent contractors or employees. We will examine the federal and state tests for determining whether your teachers are independent contractors or employees. Using an example agreement, we will review the necessary items to include in a studio-teacher agreement.  We will also consider treating teachers as employees rather than independent contractors and what that may mean for your studio. In addition, we will explore what all of this means from the perspective of your teachers. While the independent contractor laws will be specific to the U.S., the example agreement may be helpful to studios and teachers residing in Canada, as well.

Internet Laws for Yoga

The Internet offers quick and easy resources for promoting yoga businesses, publishing content and selling products. At the same time, we need to protect our website content, avoid trademark infringement, and understand the liability considerations for selling yoga products online. In this online workshop, we will discuss the legal issues related to operating online. We will cover copyrights, trademarks, product liability, privacy policies, blogging, product endorsement and social media law. We will also review the CAN-SPAM Act which regulates the way we use commercial email, including email newsletters. 

Yoga Law: What You Must Know

During this 60-minute online learning experience, Gary Kissiah will broadly review the top ten legal issues affecting our yoga community today: independent contractor liability, studio and teacher agreements, protection from liability, key agreements, branding, use of corporate entities, ethics, when to hire lawyers, reducing legal fees, and regulation.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do these cost? All of these learning opportunities will be free for Registered Yoga Teachers and owners and managers of Registered Yoga Schools. You will be required to log into your YA account to register for the event. If you need to renew your registration, you may renew online. Some workshops will be available to the general public for a fee.
  • Do these online workshops count for continuing education? Time spent taking these online workshops, either live or recorded, may be counted as non-contact hours of continuing education towards your Yoga Alliance registration.
  • I can’t make it but would love to attend! Will you record these online workshops? Absolutely. We will record and post the online workshops on this page approximately one week after they have concluded.
  • I did not receive the connection instructions for the online workshop! Once you register for an online workshop, you will receive a confirmation email immediately. Connection instructions will be emailed three days prior to the event. 
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