Grievance Policy

Last Modified: January 2020

Yoga Alliance takes all reported grievances seriously and reviews each for compliance with its standards and credentials, Code of Conduct, and policies. Each grievance will be recorded in the account of the Registered Yoga School (RYS), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), and/or Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).

If you wish to report a grievance and choose to share your information with us, please send the following information to

  • A clear statement that reports the alleged conduct;
  • The date when and location where the alleged conduct took place;
  • The standard, the element of the Code of Conduct, and/or the policy that the alleged conduct violates;
  • The full name of the RYS, RYT, and/or YACEP that or who performed the alleged conduct; and
  • Any tangible evidence available to support the grievance.

To adequately and thoroughly address your grievance, Yoga Alliance may need to request additional information during the course of grievance review.

Information you provide to Yoga Alliance, including your identity, will remain confidential to the extent practical, balancing the need for confidentiality and to conduct a meaningful investigation. This may include disclosing information to an investigator, witnesses, and respondents. Further, please note that even where Yoga Alliance does not disclose your identity, your identity may be known by respondents and witnesses simply based on the allegations or facts of the case.

Similarly, any actions taken in response to the grievance and information regarding the investigation will remain confidential to the extent practical.

If your grievance relates to illegal or fraudulent behavior by the RYS, RYT, and/or YACEP in the United States, you may file a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection or a similar State or local agency. You may also choose to contact your local law enforcement or initiate a legal claim against the school or individual.

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