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By Gail Pickens-Barger, International Yoga Teacher, RYT®, YACEP®

Sep 20, 2022

After taking this training, I have added about 10-15 minutes of Chair Yoga Dance, about 20 minutes prior to my adaptive yoga class. Once people experienced this part of class, a switch was flipped. People were coming 30 minutes early to set up their chairs in my class, in order to do this 10-15 minute part of class. Then once we started the regular class, they stayed for the adaptive chair part of class, and then progressed to the floor. I now get requests for songs, and my attendance in class has doubled. Wow! Thank you, Sherry and Yoga Vista Academy! Probaby the most effective money I have spent on a training. Gail Pickens-Barger


By irene bruckner, RYT®

Sep 20, 2022

Very much enjoyed the training. I like watching short video of classes and I also like reading about anatomy relating to yoga poses and injury prevention. A ton of information, very well organized and presented. Lot of different teachers and styles


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Sherry Zak Morris / Yoga Vista Academy

Advanced Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teacher Training Workshops, Online Courses and Certification Programs

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About Sherry Zak Morris / Yoga Vista Academy

The Yoga Vista Academy

Founded by Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT and CEO of YogaJP, and Justine Shelton, E-RYT500 and AVI-Certified Viniyoga Teacher, the Yoga Vista Academy is an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training School specializing in Gentle, Senior, and Chair Yoga. Sherry and Justine have been training and mentoring yoga teachers in North San Diego County for many years and have developed an In-Depth Gentle Yoga Studies and Certification Program to empower yoga teachers who want to serve this growing student population.


  • Yoga Alliance-approved Continuing Education Workshops – Earn continuing education credits and expand your expertise in Gentle, Senior, and Chair Yoga.
  • Teacher Resources – Build content for your classes with our Yoga DVDs, Training Manuals and Workbooks fully-illustrated and annotated for Yoga Teachers and Health Practitioners.
  • Specialty Teaching Certifications – Test, qualify and certify in any our In-depth specialty programs to broaden your teaching skills and resume. (Certifications: Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Low Back Care, ChairYoga:Office, etc.)
  • Online Training Videos – Educate yourself on how to adapt traditional yoga poses and work safely with people who have physical limitations.

Distance Learning Empowers You!

Because we now live in a global community where we can share ideas and knowledge via technology, we are excited to share these extensive Distance Learning Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Programs to teachers around the world.

The magic of video and our Live Yoga Classes and Workshops immediately engage you in the learning process!

Many of you may have seen our educational videos on our Yoga Vista Academy YouTube Channel and YogaJP YouTube Channel where we share our knowledge, expertise and creative teaching methodologies. Our Online Certification and Specialty Programs are designed to immerse you into the Advanced teachings in a multi-learning modality environment.

Each Certification Program requires that you pass a Final Exam and share with us a Teachback Class to ensure you have absorbed, assimilated and can teach the course material.

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