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Social Credentialing enables Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®s (YACEPs) to get feedback from participants who take their courses, classes or workshops.  Anyone who is confirmed as having completed a YACEP’s course, class or workshop is invited to provide feedback.  The YACEP is able to see the participant’s review responses and comments. 

Some of the review information may also be available to other potential participants on the YACEP’s online Directory profile.

Overall Rating

The Social Credentialing system is intended to provide members of the public and RYTs with useful information when choosing a Continuing Education Provider. YACEP profiles include a rating, out of five stars, that is based on past participants’ responses to the question "How likely would you be to recommend this course?

YACEPs can Make Comments Public or Private

YACEPs have the choice of making comments public (on their Directory Profile) or keeping comments private.  If a YACEP wishes to publish the comments on any of the survey questions, all comments related to that question will be made public and be attributed directly to the reviewer.

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a standard business measure of loyalty and enthusiasm. It is important to note that unlike the Overall Rating, the NPS is not a measurement of the quality of your courses, but rather reflects how likely participants are to actively promote them to others.

NPS ratings are calculated by taking each participant's response, to the same question as your overall YACEP rating (i.e. "How likely are you to recommend this course to a friend?", and putting them into one of three groups:

  • Ratings of 9 – 10 are “promoters”. These participants are likely to be enthusiastic about urging their friends to take your courses.
  • Ratings of 7 – 8 are “passives”. These participants are satisfied with the course, but are not likely to recommending the course to others.
  • Ratings of 6 or less are “detractors”. These participants are unhappy with their experience.


Picture illustrating the NPS as a graphic

The NPS is calculated by taking the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors. The resulting number is a measure of how likely participants who have taken your courses are to actively recommend your courses to others.

YACEPs chose whether to display their Net Promoter Score on their public profile.

What the Public Sees

Your YACEP® Public Rating will always appear on your public profile, if you have your profile set to visible.

Participants rate from 0-10 how likely they are to recommend your course, and this is converted to a five-star rating. Only the ratings from Yoga Alliance members are averaged into the five-star rating that appears as your YACEP® Public Rating.

Beyond the public rating, you can decide how much information you want to show on your profile related to:

  • Course content ratings and comments
  • Knowledge/teaching skills ratings and comments
  • Net Promoter Score
  • General comments

Your responses to comments will be visible if you have that category of comments set to visible. To control what review questions appear on your profile, go to your Review Settings page.

The Survey

Below is a sample Course Survey. 

Participants provide feedback on

  • Whether the course content related to the Educational Categories assigned to this course
  • Whether the number of Contact Hours and Non-Contact Hours matched the course description
  • Whether the course increased their own knowledge or teaching skills related to the Educational Categories, and
  • Whether or not they would recommend the course

YACEPs may also add a custom question to the survey for participants to answer.

Picture of what a Survey looks like showing each question


Three things to know

  • Review ratings are converted from a 1-10 scale to a 1-5 star rating. (i.e., a "1" rating becomes 0 stars, a "3" becomes 1.5 stars, a "6" becomes 3 stars and a "10" becomes 5 stars)

  • Reviews are not anonymous and cannot be made anonymous.

  • A YACEP may choose to publish general comments, course content reflection comments, and/or knowledge and teaching skills comments

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