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About Ma Yoga® Prenatal Certification Program (RPYT)

Welcome to the Ma Yoga® Prenatal Certification Program, an 85-hour, all-online, comprehensive deep dive into yoga for women in their childbearing years, on and off-the-mat. It’s also a guided, supportive, transformative journey to your highest, most powerful, wise, and...

Welcome to the Ma Yoga® Prenatal Certification Program, an 85-hour, all-online, comprehensive deep dive into yoga for women in their childbearing years, on and off-the-mat.

It’s also a guided, supportive, transformative journey to your highest, most powerful, wise, and nurturing “Ma” Self.

Hi I'm Jessica andI've been teaching prenatal since 2001, and training prenatal teachers since 2012.

I created Ma Yoga
® in 2009 from my experience teaching in a hospital setting, my Masters in Kinesiology, more than 10,000 hours of alignment training as a Certified Anusara Instructor, and maybe most of all, from using birth as my guru.

Our program is divided up in to four main trainings. You may take any of them individually for Continuing Education, or all of them (plus the Ma Mentorship and class visits) for your RPYT.

MAyurveda: Living Ayurveda for Women
In a nurturing environment, you'll explore the five elements in a broader context than just your dosha, and incorporate off-the-mat self-care, daily rhythms, and food as medicine routines to stay in balance, no matter what's arising in your body, your relationships, or your life.

The Yoga of Pregnancy
Travel through the trimesters using Ma Yoga principles to address the physiological and psychological challenges (and opportunities!) of pregnancy. You'll have all the tools you need to support, guide, and inspire moms-to-be.

The Yoga of Healing for Women
Discover a more feminine version of the Universal Principles of Alignment to relieve aches and pains like back, wrist and shoulder so common to women's changing bodies, as well as address childbearing-related conditions like diastasis recti (abdominal wall splitting), infertility, and postpartum healing. Mom and Baby Yoga and Preschool Yoga too.

Ma Mentorship
Hop on the phone with a senior Certified Ma Yoga Instructor and get help and feedback on your teaching, so you're fully ready to take the next step on your "Ma" path.
The Yoga of Birth
Learn mantras, mudras, alignment, philosophy, meditation, and other support techniques that help us move more easefully through the stages of labor. Taught by two highly experienced doulas and Certified Ma Yoga
® Instructors.


Please note:

*Each training is 3 weeks, twice a week. For times, dates, prices and registration, please go to

*If you miss a session you can watch it on video, but we encourage you to stay with us so you'll be supported throughout.

*You can take up to three years to take all your trainings for your RPYT, or do it straight through and be done in a few months. 

*You do NOT need any previous training or experience to take this program. You won’t get your official RPYT until you have your RYT.


However, the Ma Yoga® Prenatal Certification Program will provide you with a solid foundation for all future teaching and trainings, as well as all the principles and practices you'll need to confidently teach yoga to moms-to-be.


Please reach out to me at, or scroll down on

I look forward to supporting you on your teaching path!


with love and blessings,


Jess Jennings, MS, ERYT, RPYT
Ma Yoga
® for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond


Some raves about the Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program:

The Vision and Strategy call with Jessica was exactly what I needed it to be! She answered all my questions with practicality and honesty. The beauty of our conversation was in her deep appreciation and understanding for my desire to find balance in my life and my many roles within it; roles as wife and mother as well as a business owner, and professional support person for birthing families in my community. As I hung up the phone I was filled with a deep gratitude for Jessica's encouragement and guidance

Adriane Garbayo


I had a wonderful experience - it was definitely more than I imagined it to be. The weekend really helped me to look at yoga in a different way. I walked away with new tools and principles that I can use on myself and others.

I'm excited to review all of the material and to start putting what I learned to use immediately. I really appreciate being able to download the handouts, it's nice to be able to revisit the handouts in the member area.

Jasmine W.


I had an incredible private session yesterday with a Mom and Dad expecting their first child. It’s been eye opening using the fresh knowledge you’ve given me to steer the course of their session. From his feet and lumbar issues to her ever-expanding body, I’ve been able to give them 60min of expanding into their true potential.

forever grateful,

Deborah A.



I feel the full benefits of child's pose tends to be missed due to lack of or minimal instructions given. So often I hear "just get into child's pose". Thank you so much for bringing life and richness to child's pose with your instructions shared.

I am finding as I share yoga, that the use of the sacred steps are becoming easier, more natural. This evolution is so wonderful, Jess!

Thank you so much.

With gratitude for your lovely Spirit,



This training felt like it went above and beyond. There is way more to prenatal yoga than just the do’s and don’ts.

Jessica is an amazing instructor that has put a lot of thought and care into the program.

I’m confident that I’ll be a wonderful prenatal instructor upon completion of the program.

Amber T


The training is incredibly well structured, with a wealth of tools and wisdom to be shared. Plus Jessica will answer all of your questions and then some. I took a hiatus from teaching before this training and was hoping to feel empowered to teach again.

After 6 sessions with Jessica I am already back to it with ease and excitement. I loved the community and spiritual principles that were always at play. I immediately felt comfortable enough to have a voice and make a mistake, which is a big deal. 

I feel more confident in my own home practice as well. Bringing the magic of the 5 elements into my practice in this organic way has instilled a sense of renewal.

Ash S


I must say I am loving the course with you. You are an amazing teacher and mentor and I am so grateful you were brought in my life.

I thought I would just learn about pregnancy yoga, but instead I have deepened my own practice and reignited my love of yoga.

Joanne H


Wow, I was crying right after doing our "Look Ma no hands" pranayama.

Thank you thank you. We all are so blessed to have you in our lives; we are so blessed to have MAyurveda principles and practices especially now with all of the shifts that are occurring.  Thank you for going beyond your head and letting your heart and intuition guide you into sharing these principles with us.

Nina R.


I had a wonderful experience with Ma Yoga. Jessica is always available and quick to respond to any questions. She wants you to be successful.

Through Ma Yoga I feel empowered as a working mom instead of apprehensive or lost in a corporate job that doesn't want to accept my new life as a mother.

Jolie S.


I have only just begun this program and I am impressed!

From the ease of navigating the website, to the breadth and quality of content, I am thrilled to have been connected to this community and wealth of resources.

Thank you!

Kelsey D.


I have really enjoyed the MAyurveda teleseminar and was pleasantly surprised that this form of training works so well.

You did a wonderful job, making the calls and the study subject easy to listen to. Overall, the seminar helped me to see a bigger picture and receive very useful and practical advice.

Thank you so much for creating the course and for being such a support and inspiration for others!

Andrea R.


It was great to be able to do the MAyurveda calls from my own home and to listen to them again if I needed to.

I really enjoyed that we had to challenge ourselves with the Dina Charya. I have been tongue scraping for almost a week and trying to wind down after 6 pm. Also eating my biggest meal at lunch has kept me feeling pretty light at night!!

Aileen P.


I loved it! I loved the community you created. I loved the ease of the call downloading and the materials to follow along with. I liked all the suggestions. I feel like I really learned a lot.

I really loved the daily routine plan and to hear how it works for you and how it was working for the others. It led me to some experimentation, and I felt like I really bonded with my boyfriend as we both tried some things together.

So far, I am living in a new way because of you!

Laurenne S.


My perception of online learning has totally changed. I have felt wonderful connection with this process and am enjoying it. I have started cooking more, making lentils, and tonight is the sweet rice I am testing with brown rice.

I am so excited to have this knowledge that I can actually pass on to my clients. 

Melanie W.


After listening to the Week 3 Mayurveda playback, it's like a lightbulb suddenly turned on and I have a better understanding of why I crave what I do! Knowing this, I have adapted HOW I eat and I am excited to what differences I feel.

The tools and knowledge Jessica shares are applicable to people at all stages of this life journey and particularly interesting to me in my preconception planning!

Casey D.


It was great to be able to listen and participate while taking care of my son and if I missed something I could re-listen to that part of the call on the recording.

By adding a few of [the Anchor Practices] into my daily routine, I now have the extra energy to take care of my son without feeling drained.

Elizabeth R.


The course being broken down into digestible chunks along with the printable course books really helped me. Discussing during the sessions and the fact that the practices are so tangible and accessible also helped.

Jackie A.


The Ma Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training has truly been a metamorphosis both personally and professionally.

Jessica and the team at Ma Yoga have created a certification made up of crucial components, which allow you to build upon your knowledge and training, continually reassessing and reflecting in order for you to deepen your learning and understanding; thus improving and empowering your teaching and your own life.


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By Alexis Kraft RYT® 200, RPYT®

Aug 17, 2023

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By Kelly Newman Burnham E-RYT® 500, RCYT®, RPYT®, YACEP®

Jun 16, 2023

Jessica is a treasure. Her knowledge of and passion for prenatal yoga is contagious! She worked very hard to help me overcome some health issues so that I could complete the program. Full Review

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