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426 Springfield Avenue

Summit, NJ, United States

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Flow Yoga

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Fitness Yoga

Spiritually-Oriented Yoga

Gentle Yoga

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usually intensive/immersion

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several, shorter immersions


English, Spanish, all languages welcome

About The American Yoga Academy

Yoga is for everyone, and all are welcome at The American Yoga Academy, a world-renowned teacher training school since 1993. We are leaders in training and certifying yoga, health, and wellness instructors for 30 years. And we've been training online for over 15 years....

Yoga is for everyone, and all are welcome at The American Yoga Academy, a world-renowned teacher training school since 1993. We are leaders in training and certifying yoga, health, and wellness instructors for 30 years. And we've been training online for over 15 years. Our online curriculum is designed to meet the needs of everyone, whether you've been practicing yoga for many years or you're new to yoga, you are welcome here. We offer 200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Certification courses, and Chair Yoga Certification.

With The American Yoga Academy, you'll learn and become confident, accomplished, and certified to teach yoga, meditation, chair yoga, breathwork, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and more, to all ages and abilities, nationally and internationally. Our courses are beautiful journeys of self-discovery, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Learn from the best! A true leader in yoga education, our founder and lead educator, Claire Diab, has been training teachers for 30 years and training teachers online for 15 years. She worked alongside Dr. Deepak Chopra for over a decade, and co-created his yoga program at the world famous Chopra Center in California. With live support from Claire and our educators 7 days a week, you can have as much or as little one-on-one contact with us as you choose throughout your training. 

Our online teacher training courses provide in-depth and comprehensive study of yoga poses and sequences suitable for everyone with emphasis on safety, alignment, benefits, and variations. Students also learn to teach meditation, chair yoga, breathwork, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, invigorating yoga, restorative yoga, the philosophy of yoga, anatomy, the business of yoga, and more. Our courses are user-friendly and available 24/7 from wherever you are in the world. Study and learn at a pace and times that are comfortable for you. Our training is more than a course, it's a wonderful experience.

About our Lead Educator: Claire Diab has been training teachers since 1993 and has been registered with Yoga Alliance since 2001. She is a world-renowned yoga expert, health and wellness educator, author, inspirational speaker, and a professor of Asian Studies at Seton Hall University. Claire has a Bachelor's degree in Health Education & Health Sciences and a Master's degree in Asian Studies from Seton Hall University. She is certified by The American College of Sports Medicine as a U.S. Navy Health and Wellness Educator and Leader. For decades, Claire has traveled the world teaching yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda with Dr. Deepak Chopra. She is a Chopra Center Certified Master Teacher and Lead Educator, and sits on The Teachers Advisory Board of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing. As an inspirational mentor and an excellent teacher trainer, Claire will be with you every step of the way, during and after your training.

To learn more about our training opportunities and courses, please call or email us.  973-731-9960

Yoga Teacher Training for Everyone. Health and Wellness Education. All are Welcome.

First Registered November 2000


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First Registered November 2000

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By Leyla Saldana RYT® 200

Feb 28, 2024

The American Yoga Academy is more than just a yoga studio—it's a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul. It's a place where transformation flourishes, and where each breath becomes a reminder of the infinite possibilities within. Whether you're seeking physical vitality, emotional balance, or spiritual enlightenment, AYA offers a path to wholeness that is both profound and enriching. My journey with AYA has been nothing short of transformative, and I am deeply grateful for the wisdom, guidance, and inspiration that I've received along the way. Full Review

By Movement Meditation RYT® 200

Feb 25, 2024

Full Review

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Claire Diab

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Mary Ann Gebhardt

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Martha Kein Martha Kein

E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®

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