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许多RYT都很好奇,想知道RYS 200的新变化意味着什么。

首先,当前的RYT仍然是RYT!Yoga Alliance 有您的加入,我们很荣幸。您不需要再次进行RYS 200课程。

其次,如果您当前不是RYT,想加入Yoga Alliance,您或许不需要额外参加200小时的瑜伽教师培训课程。只要在您毕业时,您所在的瑜伽学校是当前RYS 200,您仍有资格作为RYT 200加入Yoga Alliance。

第三,在未来,RYT证书将包含道德承诺。2020年2月,新RYT和当前RYT都将在注册或继续审核资格时,同意遵循此承诺。该道德承诺包括实践范围和行为准则。在标准审查项目问卷调查中,绝大多数Yoga Alliance成员以及整个瑜伽社区均提出了这一点,也建议推行对瑜伽公平的共同理解,担负起改善瑜伽公平问题的责任。

Yoga Alliance将打造工具、提供资源,支持道德承诺,在瑜伽在线课程中添加针对瑜伽公平的学习,让成员们更能认识到瑜伽中存在的社会不公和系统不公,激发人们做出改变,让人们不再感到被排斥,不再感到未受到充分代表。本课程将是获得会员资格的一部分要求,计10个继续教育学分。


以下信息图表概述了从基础RYT 200到专业E-RYT 500认证的RYT过程。

Path of an RYT 200
Path of an RYT 200. 查看完整尺寸。


Are you wondering what all of this means for you as a yoga teacher? Are you still a teacher? Can you still teach?

Yes! You are still a yoga teacher. And if you are currently an RYT, you are still an RYT.

If you are not an RYT with us yet, you might still be able to join without having to take another 200-hour yoga teacher training program. As long as your yoga school was a current RYS 200 at the time you graduated, you are still eligible to join YA as an RYT 200.

Are you wondering what the terms “foundational” and “professional” mean with respect to the RYS 200, RYS 300, and RYS 500 teacher training programs?

The use of “foundational” and “professional” are simply to reinforce the key learnings of each level of school.

The new RYS 200 standards center around a common core curriculum that will offer graduates a shared understanding of foundational yoga concepts that all yoga teachers should know, providing a baseline of comprehension to take into the world as they start to teach yoga. As yoga teachers continue their lifetime of learning as students first, teachers second, many will want to enhance their professional understanding of what it means to be a teacher of this practice, at which time they might pursue any number of options on our professional track.

The professional track includes the RYT 500 credential, which can be obtained upon successful graduation from an RYS 300 or RYS 500. It might include upgrading to E-RYT 200 or E-RYT 500 status based on number of hours taught. It might include pursuing specialty credentials, including becoming a Continuing Education provider or being a Registered Prenatal or Children’s Yoga Teacher.

It might also include the path towards being a Lead Trainer, which happens after achieving E-RYT 500 status.

Creating a “path of an RYT” offers a shared understanding of yoga concepts at foundational and professional levels while also providing for flexibility based on lineage, style, or methodology.

We at Yoga Alliance look forward to supporting all of our member teachers where they are on their individual paths.




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