Continuing Education: Your Path to Advancement and Enlightenment

Published: June 24, 2016

In the past year, nearly 15,000 more Registered Yoga Teachers joined the Yoga Alliance family. The flourish of yoga teachers is a positive reflection of the growth of yoga and signals the need for everyone in our community to take part in continuing education, as a teacher or student or both. Attending classes and workshops for continued learning offers endless opportunities to gain new skills and share knowledge with others.

According to the 2016 Yoga in America Study, one of the most valued characteristics of a yoga teacher is that he or she is informed about poses, instruction, anatomy and the many other aspects of yoga which evolve over time. Approximately 14% of the inquiries that Yoga Alliance receives from community members are related to continuing education. We are proud of our RYTs for being highly motivated to expand their competencies.

With yoga’s rise in popularity, it’s more vital than ever to distinguish our profession as one focused on quality, standards and education. Of course, continuing education adds new skills to a resume. It also makes one more highly valued to employers and students. Whether you’re motivated by self-growth, professional advancement or keeping pace with standards, practices and philosophies, continuing your education will make you a more meaningful and effective teacher.

We see national media coverage and blogs posts that feature news about practicing yoga, high-profile teachers and the rise of teacher- training courses. Some recent coverage has even addressed the need for quality education for the growing number of teachers and meeting consumer demand. Our response has been to ensure that reporters understand Yoga Alliance’s continuing education and Social Credentialing programs, keeping them abreast of yoga teachers’ quest for knowledge.

We’ve all heard the phrase “the best teachers are the best students.” Engaging in continuing education helps you advance your practice, but true mastery will always be elusive. This is how we at Yoga Alliance consider the art and science of teaching yoga – a necessity to constantly hone your skills and intellectual curiosity for years to come.

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