Policy on Sexual Misconduct

Last Modified: February 5, 2018

Please note the contents on this page are sensitive in nature.


Registrants, those applying to register with Yoga Alliance for RYT, RYS, or YACEP or for YACEP status, are prohibited from engaging in Physical Sexual Misconduct, engaging in Verbal or Emotional Sexual Misconduct, or committing retaliation under this policy. This Policy applies with respect to interactions between (i) teachers in yoga teacher training programs and trainees in the program, (ii) yoga instructors and their students, and (iii) yoga studio or yoga teacher training programs owners or managers and their staff members.

For purposes of this Policy, Physical Sexual Misconduct means any of the following:

Egregious Physical Sexual Misconduct:

  • Sexual assault,
  • Attempted rape,
  • Unwanted fondling or unwanted sexual touching,
  • Forcing a victim to perform sexual acts, such as oral sex or penetrating the perpetrator’s body, or
  • Penetration of the victim’s body, also known as rape.

Physical Sexual Misconduct also includes:

  • Inappropriate touch of a sexual nature during physical adjustment or at any other time.

For purposes of this Policy, Verbal or Emotional Sexual Misconduct means:

  • Use of emotional coercion, psychological force, or manipulation to coerce a victim into non-consensual sex, or
  • Pervasive use of sexually suggestive or explicit statements or words that create a hostile environment for trainees or participants.

Yoga Alliance prohibits any retaliatory action against complainants for reporting a violation of this policy or against any person for cooperating with an investigation by Yoga Alliance or others into such reports. In determining appropriate discipline, Yoga Alliance will take into consideration any retaliatory action by respondents, including but not limited to retaliatory public disparagement of complainants.


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