Social Credentialing

Our Evaluation and Feedback System

Our RYTs and RYSs play an important role in ensuring that yoga teacher trainings are effective in educating and developing safe and competent yoga teachers. As part of our credentialing system, RYTs and RYSs participate in a Social Credentialing system that involves evaluation and feedback. Past trainees provide social ratings and comments about their training experience , which may be shown on our public directory. This system provides a wealth of information to potential trainees, along with insight into the school’s culture and training experience.

How does it work? 
When a trainee registers with Yoga Alliance they evaluate the training program they completed and those results are shared with Yoga Alliance, the school, and the public. 

Yoga Alliance learns how well our standards are being followed, by asking the trainees to tell us if the school delivered the training program as approved by us, and if the lead trainers of the program taught the required hours of the program.

The feedback encourages the school to learn and grow, by seeing how closely their students felt they met their learning objectives.  They can also add their own questions on the evaluation to make it even more meaningful for their program. 

All of our RYSs will have a 1-to-5 star rating on their public profile that indicates whether or not trainees would recommend the training to others.  

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