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iSpirit Asia, One South Street Mall Jalan OS Taman Serdang Perdana Seri Kembangan Selangor Malaysia

Types of Yoga Taught

Flow Yoga

Alignment-Oriented Yoga

Fitness Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Specialty Yoga

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usually intensive/immersion

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Weekends only

several, shorter immersions


English, Malay, Chinese


ABOUT YOGAVATAR NEW AGE YOGA YOGAVATAR is a New Age Yoga School based upon the deep roots of Hatha Yoga and a registered school with Yoga Alliance. New Age Yoga asserts an artistic for learning and growth in an on going process of evolution. This creates...


YOGAVATAR is a New Age Yoga School based upon the deep roots of Hatha Yoga and a registered school with Yoga Alliance. New Age Yoga asserts an artistic for learning and growth in an on going process of evolution. This creates an energetic path for the exchange, transference, expansion of the energy field and integrating with the entire universe flow to reach as a whole. It transcends the energetic operations for support life and bring harmony to the physical, mental and spiritual simplified as Avatar. In essence, YOGAVATAR New Age Yoga is an aspiration to humanity to aid to the path of Self-Knowledge based on the deep roots of Hatha Yoga.


YOGAVATAR 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is a foundational yoga teacher training based upon the deep roots of Hatha Yoga. The course will help the practitioner develop a mature practice, focusing not only on the physical aspects of yoga but the psychological and spiritual benefits as well. With an emphasis on Body Breath & Mind integrated into the energy source from the five elements of nature and the five principles of teaching yoga, this training will provide the participants the knowledge, practice and experience to become innovative, inspiring and transformative yoga teachers. Whether you intend to simply deepen your understanding of this ancient and diverse practice or you aspire to teach and share with others, the training course will prepare you for your journey.

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YOGAVATAR New Age Yoga School was created to provide quality instruction of New Age Yoga in a way that will be innovative, inspiring and transformative. Our goal is to assist others locally, nationally, and globally in creating abundant communities that support the shift of consciousness, from the inner process of yoga to the recognition that yoga is everywhere.


Yogavatar Teacher Training ModulesMODULE-1 : EXPLORE THE BOUNDARIES
Knowledge of the theory behind yoga

  • Yoga History – The path of yoga from birth until today.
  • Yoga Philosophy – Study of ancient texts including the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjalís Yoga Sutras.
  • Yoga Lifestyle – Diet, lifestyle choices and creating the life you want.
  • Your Philosophy – Developing a personal teaching philosophy
  • Sanskrit – Practical learning of basic Sanskrit terms
  • Mantras & Chanting

Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology

  • Learn  about proper diet that will stimulate your yoga practice and keep your body in tune and establish conscious eating habit
  • Physical Anatomy and Physiology – including muscles, bones, organs, bodily systems, etc.
  • Energetic Anatomy – A study of the subtle bodies including Chakras, Nadis, Prana, etc.
  • Application of Anatomy in Yoga – Benefits and contraindications, healthy movement patterns.

Techniques of Training and Practice

  • Asanas – including Surya Namaskara, standing, seated, forward bending, back bending, twisting, inversion, arm balancing, restorative and pawanmukta series asanas
  • Pranayama – The major yogic breathing techniques
  • Bandhas – The art of yogic locks
  • Kriyas – Yogic cleansing practices
  • Meditation, Relaxation & Yoga Nidra

Teaching Methodology

  • 5 key elements to create a YOGAWESOME class
  • How to sequence a theme class
  • Principles of Demonstration
  • Teaching Techniques
  • How to give hands on Adjustments
  • Learning through Observation
  • Assisting in yoga classes
  • Teaching styles and the Ethics of Teaching
  • Qualities of a teacher & methods of learning

The Practicum

  • Practice teaching as the lead instructor
  • Receiving and giving feedback
  • Observing others teaching
  • Assisting students while someone else is teaching
  • Building your business – Tools of the trade
  • Marketing yourself – The Ultimate tool
  • Etiquette – Your responsibility in the classroom
  • Get out there and Teach – How to set up your own classes and approach studios/gyms





First Registered August 2015

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First Registered August 2015

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By Sha Hafez RYT® 200

Jan 26, 2019

An unforgotten training experience! I came all the way from Egypt to Malaysia, especially for this beautiful school. My friends told me I am crazy, everyone goes to India to their YTT. But I did like the idea of following everyone. I kept coming back to this school every time I browse schools in the directory, I loved the idea of two beautiful women, founded Yoga school and run it by themselves. it's not common, most yoga schools -like all businesses- are dominated and managed by men. Part of me wanted to support these women, and contribute to their success. They are an inspiration to me and other women. I wanted three simple things: a school that is not crowded with students so that I can get the best learning, one that I can afford, and one that feels right in my heart. YOGAVATAR was everything I wanted and much more. YOGAVATAR goes beyond it ways to provide the perfect learning experience to its students. We covered thoroughly all the aspects of Yoga, from Asana, Pranayama, through anatomy, and to philosophy and teaching techniques. Our teachers were there for us with every Asana we learn or struggle with. Every breathing exercise or teaching technique we practiced was carefully observed and we got instant feedback on everything we did. The patch was in perfect size. We were able to communicate all the time, be assisted whenever help is needed, and receive the training in a perfect environment. Our teachers provided the best care possible in the class and beyond. They looked after our aches, our emotional distress, and provided us with unseen kindness and guidance all the way every day. This beautiful school is about learning and making a difference in other people's life, it's not about making huge profits. They offered us free help in marketing ourselves as teachers, providing the space for us whenever we need to practice or give a class, and invited us to come again for learning whenever we want. A truly open place, with wide open hearts. Full Review

By Cosette Hoe RYT® 200

Jan 22, 2019

I would highly recommend people to choose Yogavatar, in fact, I have already shared Yogavatar's contact with two of my friends who are interested in undertaking the yoga TTC. I truly believe they have prepared me well for Yoga teacher jobs out there. The teachers are amazing, dedicated and friendly... The energy there, in Yoga teacher training school, is just so uplifting and inspiring. 11/10 stars to Yogavatar and I am forever grateful for the knowledge I have received and will honor that by learning more and continuing my yogic endeavors to deepen my understanding of yoga in the future. Full Review

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E-RYT® 500

R2 Tho Hui Lee

E-RYT® 500

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