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10021 Estero Town Commons Place

Estero, FL, USA

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About Fusion Yoga and Wellness

Are you interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Or intrigued about increasing your personal yoga knowledge & deepening your practice?   There is more to yoga than the poses known as asanas. Learn with Fusion SO MUCH MORE about this amazing ancient practice...

Are you interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Or intrigued about increasing your personal yoga knowledge & deepening your practice?
There is more to yoga than the poses known as asanas. Learn with Fusion SO MUCH MORE about this amazing ancient practice to MOVE and align the body, enhance BREATH, live healthier and CONNECT with your higher self.
Fusion's 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training is based on a thorough and comprehensive curriculum which meets the current and internationally recognized Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Standards. We met their most recent and stringent review requirements to become a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, the largest nonprofit association representing the world-wide yoga community whose mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga.

Upon graduation you will be a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher and eligible to teach when this standard is required if you choose! This program is carefully designed for you to delve deeply into your yoga practice, elevate you to your highest self and will provide an abundant educational experience to launch your yoga journey to the next level!
A Note From Lead Trainer Gina Marie Goodrich:
"Because I am so passionate about yoga and believe its great benefits should be shared with everyone, I decided to get certified and teach.  

After certification I have continued to study daily whether reading, attending class and attending special events. I have trained under Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman, Kathryn Budig, Seane Corn, Sadie Nardini, to name a few. Learning is a lifetime adventure.

As Maya Angelou said, “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” So I shall teach.

My path to create Fusion as a Registered Yoga School...
Over the past 5 years I received many requests from yoga students and the community to offer a Fusion Yoga Teacher Training. With Natalie's dedication and focus, together we pursued the creation of a highly credible curriculum and gained approval from Yoga Alliance.

We are excited to offer an inspiring, substance-filled and life-transforming course. We aim for our students to graduate with knowledge and confidence regarding all facets of authentic yoga practices and the ability to teach effectively should they choose to do so, now or in the future.

Teacher training students often create a special bonds with one another during training. We hope you will forge beautiful new connections in your life as we all share and grow together!"

DATES AND TUITION INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE - or call anytime 239-498-8800 to speak to Gina or Natalie about your training!

Students receive unlimited yoga classes at Fusion from the
start of the program through the end of training!

1. Cancellations 60 days prior to training will receive a refund of all tuition paid, less $100 which will be applied to student's account to be used for Yoga, Massage, Reiki, & Workshops.
2. Cancellations after 60 days prior to training (but prior to the start of the Training) will receive full credit toward a future Fusion Yoga & Wellness training program (Yoga or Reiki) equal to 100% of tuition paid, no refund paid.
3. Cancellations after the start date of the Training (May 15, 2019) will receive a credit equal to 50% of the pro-rated, unused portion of tuition paid as of cancellation date toward a future Fusion Yoga & Wellness training program (Yoga or Reiki), no refund paid.

Program requires 100% attendance to receive your Certificate

First Registered March 2019

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First Registered March 2019

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By Michelle Hamilton RYT® 200

Feb 22, 2023

Gina and Natalie are excellent instructors. They are knowledgeable and passionate about yoga and the guiding principles. I feel that this was an inclusive training that helped to deepen my knowledge and understanding of yoga and prepared me to share my training with others. The training was much more than expected. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in deeepening their knowledge of yoga. Full Review

By Renee Galito-Reimer RYT® 200

Jan 18, 2023

I would highly recommend Fusion Yoga and Wellness to a friend or fellow yoga teacher. I was initially apprehensive to begin YTT, due to personal ingrained fears that I was too old, and would not be able to ever lead a class. Little by little my fears were erased by my loving and caring guides, Gina and Natalie, as they guided and encourage my entire kula. Our beloved 3 ring binder was carefully crafted for us to learn, giving us chapter tabs to be learned line upon line, It was like peeling an onion, layer upon layer with plenty of review and recall so all the good stuff like History and philosophy, 8 limbs of yoga were not so foreign, soon the language became second nature. I loved the review homework along with the vocabulary, and the asana lab pages to help me become aware of asana positions and safe cueing. Meditation, Mantra, and hand mudras just made so much sense when introduced and practices as a class. During YTT our area of SW Florida lived through a devastating Cat 4 hurricane Ian, and there was questions as to whether we were going to be able to graduate on time. Gina and Natalie guided us with their knowledge of yoga in action, and it was not on the mat. We helped those in need by cleaning out water damaged homes and served those who were displaced, held fund raisers in the studio. It was living yoga principles in action and has touched my heart and soul more than anything learned from a book. I will forever be grateful for the leap I took to attend YTT at Fusion, because my life has been changed. I have received a gift, the gift of yoga and its principles and practices. My biggest joy upon graduation was the outpouring of love from my immediate family and my new the Fusion family. My grandkids, all 9 of them, are excited I will be able to teach them what I have learned so far, the journey has just begun. I have found calm and joy in my life, which I must seek and practice every day. Namaste Full Review

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Teaching Staff

Gina Goodrich

E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®

Natalie Bennett

E-RYT® 200, YACEP®

Jen Layden

RYT® 200

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