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Canggu Beach, Canggu

Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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English, Francais

About Zazyoga

Why chose Zazyoga for your 200-hour YTTC? Gain an in-dept understanding of the practice of yoga With the recent rise of yoga injuries, we make it our mission to teach you how to practice and teach safely. Whether it is during practices, asana labs, or anatomy classes,...

Why chose Zazyoga for your 200-hour YTTC?

Gain an in-dept understanding of the practice of yoga
With the recent rise of yoga injuries, we make it our mission to teach you how to practice and teach safely. Whether it is during practices, asana labs, or anatomy classes, proper alignment is our underlying theme! Beyond the physical practice, each of our classes give you tangible and applicable tools to integrate in your own life and in your career as a yoga teacher, from pranayama and kriyas to how you can transform your thoughts with yoga philosophy.

Build your teacher skills to become a confident and inspiring teacher
Our course offers extensive teaching practice experience, so that when you graduate, you can immediately start your career as a confident yoga teacher.

Embrace the yoga tradition in your modern life
Respecting the yoga tradition does not have to deny our modern lives! Our course is practical and adapted to your reality, so that you can apply tangible tools to your life.

Receive personal support in an intimate environment
We create a safe environment to learn, growth, and discover more about yourself. You will receive dedicated personalized one-on-one support from your teachers for your own unique specific needs.

First Registered November 2018


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First Registered November 2018

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By Jeremy Batiste RYT® 200

Sep 08, 2021

Full Review

By Orit Winkler RYT® 200

Aug 04, 2021

Zazyoga is family for life. With constant communication and feedback, I learned detailed anatomy, physiology, asanas (Postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), Mediation, the Chakras, fundamentals of teaching and owning a yoga business, sutras, mantra's and much more. Everything was in depth, understandable and fun. It was exciting to wake up early to do the course every morning. I am so blessed I picked this school. Even though it was an online training, every posture I would post, would be provided with in depth detailed feedback for alignment and improvements. I looked forward every day to getting that message of feedback the next morning after I posted my photos or videos. This course is incredible and there are not enough words to describe just how magical and special it really is. As part of the program, we had to write a letter to ourselves. I think this is the best way to review what this school has done for my journey. What if I told you.... What if I told you that in 30 days, you could feel lighter. Lighter from stress, lighter from conflict, lighter from responsibility, lighter from what you perceive is life. What if I told you that you will smile more than you have ever smiled, causing little creases at the side of your mouth that you didn’t know were there. What if I told you that in 30 days, you can transform all relationships into meaningful, kind and loving encounters. That your husband would rush home to see you because he missed you. That your children would be wanting to spend every minute having deep conversations about life. That your friends just wanted to sit with you in comfortable silence. That your home became a harmonious place you want to sit in and not run from. What if I told you that all of your desires to travel and dependency on the exterior to make you happy just didn’t matter anymore and it was Okay. That being right, or wise or victorious was moot. That the rat race is irrelevant because you have all the abundance you will ever need. What if I told you that the Instagram yoga poses people post that you once admired, now didn’t even matter because your ego was shedding and disappearing and you accepted your body for what it can and cannot do. What if you looked at those people as part of one big divineness and that you felt genuine happiness for them. What if I told you that countless mind blowing intuitive ideas would come to you as you sit and meditate before the world woke up. What if I told you that you suddenly fell in love with nature, tended to a garden full of seeds that grew into miraculous vegetables and flowers that bloomed in all colours celebrating nature and creating a beautiful backdrop of your practice as you stared at the growth process in awe. A mirror to yours. What if I told you that you will go in trying to get better at your asanas and discover that this was not the purpose at all. Its so much more. Its divine knowledge that you will carry with you forever. What if I told you that one of the biggest lessons you will learn is compassion. Which now replaces every previous feeling of anger and righteousness and feels a million times more powerful. What if I told you how gratitude will grow from the big things like family and health, to little things in life, hot water, being able to watch ants building ant hills or bees pollinating flowers in awe at how intelligent this universe is and being grateful for being able to witness every little morsel. What if I told you that learning to surrender brings immense joy. What if I told you all you had to do is take this course to achieve it. Thank you Marylene and Ella for my transformation! Full Review

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Teaching Staff

Marylene Henry

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Ella Trotter

E-RYT® 500, RPYT®

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