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Teaching and Program Design

Share Your Yoga Classes on the Internet 

Jennifer Hoffman, E-RYT 500, explains how online yoga classes can transform the way teachers reach their students and presents tips to start offering your classes on the Internet.

The Science of Private Classes

Francesca Cervero, E-RYT 200, discusses strategies for running profitable private yoga classes, including managing your energy and dealing with difficult clients.

How to Tap into the Senior Yoga Market

Sherry Zak Morris provides tips and her expertise on how to open yourself and your studio up to the senior yoga market.

The Fundamentals of Workshop Design

Rolf Gates offers lessons on how schools can offer workshops that maximize their benefits for yoga teachers.

From Yogi to Yogipreneur: Success Beyond the Studio 

 Closed-captioning available | Duration: 57 min

Learn how to break free from yoga studios, grow your business and become a yoga leader in this Online Workshop from Racheal Cook, RYT 200 and small business consultant.

 Creating High-Value Yoga Programs

Kellie Adkins, E-RYT 500, covers how to write and design compelling content, attracting best-fit clients and studio partners and streamlining schedules.

Thrive Professionally as a Yoga Teacher

Our panel shares their stories about how they turned their passion for teaching yoga into a career after spending years in other professions.

Q&A with Francesca Cervero 

Francesca Cervero sat down to answer additional audiences questions following her workshop that taught strategies for running profitable private yoga classes.

The Art and Science of Profitable Private Teaching

Offering one-on-one instruction can be personally and financially rewarding. Francesca Cervero shares strategies for running a profitable private yoga practice.

Tips from Wanderlust: Producing Yoga Events, Big and Small

Julia Kadarusman of Wanderlust Festival offers tips on how you can make your next yoga event – be it big or small – a well-attended success.

A Crash Course in Music Licensing in the U.S.

Does purchasing a song or album mean you're allowed to play it in your yoga studio's classes? Learn the answer to this question and many others from three representatives from Performing Rights Organizations (PROs).

Managing Your Risk: Understanding Liability & Insurance Needs

Join Shari Pataky, Senior VP of Hays Companies, as she explains how liability affect yoga businesses and the insurance needs of yoga business owners, teachers and independent contractors.

Essential Legal Issues for Studio Owners

Gary Kissiah offers tips to help yoga teachers protect themselves from liabilities and comply with the many laws that apply to their business activities.

Employees or Independent Contractors?

We will cover the many issues involving the characterization of yoga teachers and other yoga studio workers as either independent contractors or employees.

Transitioning from Independent Contractors to Employees

Are you considering converting to the employee-employer business model? In this session, legal expert Gary Kissiah will discuss the steps to reclassifying independent contractors as employees.

The Horns of the Dilemma: Independent Contractors or Employees?

Gary Kissiah explains how state and federal worker classification laws directly affect your business, what your legal obligations are and how the IRS responds to misclassification.

Opening a Studio: Legal Considerations

Former studio owner Darren Main and legal expert Gary Kissiah discuss leasing, partnership arrangements, registrations and permits.

Internet Laws for Yoga

Discover the legal issues related to operating online, including copyrights, trademarks, product liability, privacy policies, blogging, product endorsement and social media law.

How to Build Your Strongest Case that Teachers are Independent Contractors

Attorney Gary Kissiah teaches how to properly classify yourself and teachers at your studio.

Essential Legal Issues for Yoga Teachers

Gary Kissiah offers tips to help studio owners protect themselves from liabilities and comply with the many laws that apply to their business activities.

Learn about Yoga Liability

This Online Workshop discusses sources of legal liability within our yoga businesses.

Yoga Law: What You Must Know

Gary Kissiah reviews the top ten legal issues affecting our yoga community today.

Own It: How to Open a Successful Yoga Studio

In this workshop, sixth-degree black belt and Zen Yoga studio owner Jason Campbell covers what drives the business of yoga studios, how to save money creatively and how to avoid mistakes.

Open Strong, Stay Open: How to Keep Your Yoga Studio Successful

Former Yoga Alliance board member Andrew Tanner offers lessons about opening a successful studio based on his experience in Mississippi.

Optimize Your Yoga Business With User Experience

Katie Myer explains user experience and provides tips on how you can optimize students' interaction with your yoga business.

Run It: How to Prosper as a Yoga Studio Owner

Jason Campbell covers best practices for making decisions as a yoga studio owner. He’ll also share stories about turning around one studio and helping another succeed.

Rapidly Improve Your Business with Customer Feedback

Brandon Hartsell provides a systematic approach for tapping into and making use of an invaluable resource—customer feedback.

Conscious Mind, Conscious Business

Tom Gardner speaks about Conscious Capitalism and outlines how yoga studios and schools can flourish to the benefit of their stakeholders.

Rock It: How to Inspire and Attract New Students

Zen Yoga studio owner Jason Campbell discusses how yoga teachers can attract new clients and reviews some case studies about teachers growing their businesses.

How to Manage Yoga Teachers at Your Studio

Moderator Carissa Ciuca and panelists Rob Walker, Lynn Bushnell and Mary Catherine Starr share experiences about managing yoga teachers.

Developing a Sales Culture at your Studio

Phil Swain focuses on steps to drive your personal enthusiasm for your yoga business into the culture of your organization.

Maximize Your RYS Presence on the YA Directory

Learn the best ways to use your school Directory profile to maximize visibility, market yourself and share your unique teacher training offerings with the world.

How to Stand Out and Promote Yourself Online

Justin Michael Williams and Karen Mozes teach how to refine your personal message and grow your yoga business into a successful and sustainable practice.

Five Questions to Consider Before Making a Yoga Video

Kellie Adkins, E-RYT 500, shares best practices for creating compelling teaching videos with a low budget and minimal technical savvy.

Maximize Your RYT Presence on the YA Directory

Discover the best ways to utilize your RYT profile on Yoga Alliance’s Directory to maximize visibility, attract new clients and share your unique story with the world.

Ten Tangible Tips for Social Media Success

Justin Michael Williams, co-founder of Business of Yoga, LLC, offers 10 actionable tips on how to effectively and efficiently use social media to boost your yoga business.

Say It Like You Mean It: Writing Tips for Yoga Teachers

Felicia Tomasko, E-RYT 500, recommends embracing silence to aid in the brainstorming process as a way to free your mind as a writer.

Develop Strategic Partnerships to Grow Your Niche Market

Sherry Zak Morris provides insights on how connecting with your community can be a valuable investment in your yoga business.

Use Marketing to Serve Your Customers

Jacob Griscom, president of Everyday Ayurveda, offers tips for yoga professionals on marketing practices that will benefit your customers and potential customers.

Crafting and Planning a Retirement Strategy

Santo LoPorto from AXA discusses retirement challenges, strategies and key considerations for retirement planning as well as retirement plans for Yoga Alliance members.

Finding Your Purpose as a Leader: Karma Yoga for our Times

Suzanne Sterling offers advice about how to work with others and find your individual voice and role within the greater yoga community.

Yoga: The Art of Transformation

Debra Diamond talks about the Smithsonian Exhibition, "Yoga: The Art of Transformation," which traces the history of yoga.

Focus and Flow: Attention Management

Nathanael Chawkin provides specific tips and techniques you can use to enhance your focus in your work as a yoga teacher or studio owner.

Radical Collaboration: Forming Alliances

Suzanne explains how individuals within the yoga community can find their voices and share power with others.

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