Introducing the New RYT Profile Page

As we suggested in our last communication about the big changes we’re making at Yoga Alliance®, we are working hard to overhaul our website and build a better Directory to help you promote yourself and your unique story as a yoga teacher. The website will also vastly simplify the registration and upgrade process.

The Next Generation of Yoga Alliance is a sweeping evolution that is transforming our organization from the inside out. We’re developing a package of benefits to boost the value of membership, cultivating local yoga communities, promoting transparency through increased communication, providing more educational resources, and representing the yoga community when it is under attack. With your input, we’ve also designed a new logo and Registry Marks (which are coming soon!) that reflect both the personal path of yoga and the sense of community and professionalism that we seek to embody.

Now we’re planning to significantly renovate our online Directory to help you better display your personality and market yourself to potential clients. Our goal is to make Yoga Alliance’s new website, which will launch this fall, the first stop for those seeking qualified yoga instruction or training.

We invite you to check out the preview, on the right, of a sample Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) page in our new Directory. This week, attendees at our 2013 Business of Yoga Conference will have the chance to test and preview the site and provide us with constructive feedback on the new Directory. We wanted to keep you up-to-date with our progress by sharing the screenshot of our new RYT profile page, and also giving you an opportunity to share your feedback. (Please note that our Registered Yoga School [RYS®] profile page is still under development. Although the content will be different, the look and feel of the page will be similar to the RYT profile.)

Some of the aspects of the new profile page we are most excited about:

It Lets You Promote You

The new profile page provides you with a much broader range of opportunities to express who you are in your own words. For instance, you can post your bio, the types of yoga you teach, and share images in a photo gallery.

It Helps Students Find You

There’s space for you to show where you currently teach, along with your teaching history. You can offer multiple ways for visitors to get in touch with you (email, social media). The new search feature will be much more dynamic and help visitors find the right teacher or school based on a number of fixed search options.

It Displays Your Yoga Experience

All of the trainings you’ve completed will show up on your profile page. Along with your RYT designation, which is prominently displayed, it is capable of displaying the hours of yoga you’ve taught since completing your first registered teacher training program, as well as the certificates and awards you have received. These new features will give visitors a sense of your experience.

The new profile pages will give you a more dynamic and personal way to share your yoga experience and what you offer with the world. The new website arrives this fall!

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