What's New for RYSs in 2014?

Published: January 1, 2014
Last Modified: April 25, 2017

Online Accounts for RYSs

All Registered Yoga Schools (RYS®s) now have online accounts. Consider your RYS account the home base for your membership. From your account dashboard you can:

  • Edit your new school profile page
  • Download your Registry Mark(s)
  • Submit and manage your syllabus
  • Pay your renewal fee online (or those of your Lead Trainer(s))
  • Read trainees' reviews of your program(s)

Log in to your account now to start exploring!

> If you have questions while you’re exploring, visit our FAQ page for answers.

Syllabus Requirement

Syllabi are a standard practice for any educational program and reflect a school’s competence and professionalism. To strengthen the value and integrity of our credential, we require each RYS to submit a syllabus outlining their curriculum. The syllabus is a break down of your training’s content into sessions/topics with titles and descriptions which state what will be covered in the training and what information and skills trainees will learn. All new schools must submit their syllabi with their application. In the future all existing RYSs will be required to enter a syllabus for each of their Teacher Training Tracks in their online account in order for their trainees to register with Yoga Alliance. RYSs will be notified at least six (6) months prior to when this requirement will be enforced.

Plan Your Syllabus
Check out and fill out the Syllabus Worksheet (XLS) (PDF).

Upload Your Syllabus

When you’re ready to enter in a syllabus:

  • Log in to your account (if you are also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®), click “My Schools” from the left-hand menu)
  • Click “Manage School,” then select “Manage” from the drop-down menu
  • Scroll down and click on the area labeled, “Tracks and Syllabi”


RYS Resources

  • The RYS Review - learn how trainees will review their RYSs

  • Syllabus Worksheet - examples of syllabus entries and a blank worksheet for you to use when preparing the syllabus for your RYS (XLS) (PDF)

  • FAQs - about these changes



We are introducing reviews as an opportunity for your trainees to provide feedback on their experience at your training program(s). Feedback is a key part of our new Social Credentialing, which combines our traditional Standards with the best features of social ratings sites. To register as RYTs, teachers must complete a five-question survey to review the RYS training program they attended. These reviews will provide you an opportunity to grow from feedback; they allow trainees to hold schools accountable for teaching to their curriculum. 

The review process was built on three principles: 

  • No anonymity. Trainees’ names will be visible to you and YA
  • Objectivity. Review questions ask about tangible aspects of training 
  • Constructive feedback. We’ll guide trainees on how to frame comments so they’ll be most useful to you. 

Posting Options
You can adjust some online account settings to determine how much of your trainees’ feedback you’d like displayed on your RYS profile page.

All RYS profiles will display an overall school rating. This is a 1- to 5-star rating based on trainees’ answer to the review question: How likely are you to recommend this teacher training program to a friend of fellow yoga teacher? 

> View a sample review


Enhanced Profiles

Each RYS has a unique profile page listed in our online Directory. Your profile page is an excellent marketing tool. Use the page to your advantage by sharing your school’s personality and promote your training through our site, which received more than 1.3 million visits, over half of which were first-time users, in 2014. You can add pictures, links to videos, a bio, locations, trainings and more. You can also link to your profile from your school’s social media platforms, website and blog. 

Creating a robust profile can be the difference between a trainee signing up for your training or attending another school. Showcase who you are as a school to attract interested trainees who are enthusiastic about what you have to offer. 

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