Six Yoga Alliance Benefits You Didn’t Even Know You Had

January 4, 2016

Though many value the RYS credential we provide, some of our schools have told us that they don’t know about all the other benefits of being a Yoga Alliance member. Since we have added more programs and offerings recently, we want to share more about the benefits you can use to support your training, business or daily life.

#1: Exposure to Hundreds of Thousands on our Directory

We receive hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to our directory every year, most searching for a RYS. When you register, you get your own customizable RYS profile. This profile allows you to share everything from your contact information to dates of upcoming trainings to pictures of past trainings. By populating your profile, you give prospective trainees a better sense of what it would be like to take your training—an invaluable marketing opportunity. As an Added Bonus: the RYT directory is also a great resource for schools if you’re looking for more teachers, trainers or continuing education providers.

#2: Free Educational Resources

As a RYS, you have unlimited free access to our articles, video recordings and live Online Workshops to help you hone your teachings and enhance your business. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of workshop design or to how to promote your trainings online, the Yoga Alliance website has what you need.

#3: Protection from Unnecessary Regulations

As the largest nonprofit association of yoga teachers and schools, it’s our duty to protect our members from industry threats that could harm them or their ability to teach yoga. We fight against unfair, unnecessary or stifling regulations that hinder the spread and diversity of yoga. When you become a RYS, you become a part of our first-alert network to notify us if yoga is being threatened in your community.

#4: Connections to thousands of yogis around the world

Yoga Alliance has hundreds of thousands of followers on our social media channels, giving us the unique ability to connect with large numbers yogis worldwide. In doing so, we are able to promote our organization and offerings—especially our Directory. With new yogis following our channels daily, our RYSs increasingly gain exposure to potential trainees and students.

On top of that, our team members and ambassadors attend dozens of events each year. At these events, we connect with thousands of yoga practitioners looking to deepen their practice and education but are unsure of where to look. We send them to our Directory, of course, which helps do your publicity work for you!

#5: Industry-Leading Publications and Research

We work hard to produce useful publications that keep schools like you informed about new industry trends, the latest peer-reviewed research and breaking news in the yoga community. Our Article Archive, Index of Yoga Research and RYS-only newsletter are frequently updated and always available for you to utilize.

#6: Discounts to Support Your Practice or Business

Need to stock your studio? Upgrade your financial software? Take a vacation that doesn’t break the bank? We offer discounts from over 35 different partners to save you money on the things you need. From liability insurance to yoga pants and jewelry, our Member Perks support your life on and off the mat. Now that you know more about the benefits available to you – check them out! These aren’t just for RYSs either—when your trainees graduate your program and become RYTs, they also receive access to all of these services and resources!

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