Illinois House Passes YTT Bill; Now on to the Governor’s Desk!

Published: May 26, 2016

We did it! Yesterday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 2743. This legislation protects the rights of yoga teacher training programs to operate in Illinois without unnecessary intrusion. We are extremely pleased that it passed unanimously by a 117-0 vote! Thanks to the overwhelming support of the Yoga Alliance® community and the diligent efforts of Illinois legislators, we were able to reach this important milestone.

This legislation, championed by Yoga Alliance, clarifies that the Illinois law governing vocational schools does not apply to yoga teacher training programs (YTTs). SB 2743 will ensure that yoga teacher training programs will not face unnecessary regulation by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). If signed into law by Governor Rauner, the law will be effective starting on January 1, 2017.

We will be in touch in the coming days with further guidance on how you can make your voice heard to ensure this bill is signed into law by Governor Rauner.

Thank Your Elected Representatives

Show your appreciation for your legislators’ hard work by sending a thank you e-mail or call to the members who made this possible. Below is the contact information for our bill sponsors:

Pay It Forward!

Yoga Alliance is pleased to advocate on behalf the Illinois yoga community and is very proud of this tremendous success. We are currently working on similar issues in other states. Please help Yoga Alliance continue its effort by paying it forward with a financial contribution. Any donation would be greatly appreciated, and should be sent via PayPal.

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