Alert: Bill Headed to Colorado General Assembly

February 23, 2015

Thank you for your dedicated participation in our effort to prevent onerous regulation of yoga teacher training programs (“YTTs”) in Colorado.

Yoga Alliance® remains actively engaged with our state decision makers to enact bipartisan legislation that will exempt YTTs from the reach of the Colorado Division of Private Occupational School’s (“DPOS”) unnecessary and burdensome regulations.

We expect a bipartisan bill to be introduced in the General Assembly this week that would implement such an exemption.

We understand that the DPOS is holding a regularly scheduled meeting tomorrow. However, while we expect the DPOS’ staff members to update the DPOS board members on the status of legislation exempting YTTs from regulation, there are no official items on the meeting agenda related to yoga. Due to the sensitivity of ongoing negotiations in the General Assembly, we recommend that yoga community supporters refrain from attending this meeting.

However, given that we expect imminent action by the General Assembly on our issue, there will be opportunities later this week to show support at hearings and to appeal to legislators directly. We will keep you informed about the status of impending legislation and important dates and times as soon as we gather this information.

Help support this effort!

Yoga Alliance is pleased to advocate on behalf of the Colorado yoga community. We are proud of our successes so far, and are committed to continuing this important mission. Please help us continue this effort by paying it forward with a financial contribution. Any donation would be greatly appreciated, and should be made via PayPal.

Thank you for stepping up to protect the yoga community in Colorado. We will remain in touch with you over the coming days as more details unfold.

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