Action Needed: Enlighten the DPOS about Yoga

January 27, 2015

Join us in opposing the Colorado Division of Private Occupational School’s (DPOS) efforts to impose burdensome and expensive requirements on yoga teacher training schools in this state.

Now is an absolutely critical time for you to speak up and speak out to protect yoga. The Colorado yoga community of small, independent yoga teacher trainings cannot afford to stay silent when it's threatened with excessive, bureaucratic and arbitrary regulations. With the help of social media and news outlets, we can put pressure on Colorado legislators at every level to end this threat to yoga.

We need all the help we can get to put the pressure on Colorado decision makers.

Here's what we need you to do now:

  • Only have a minute?
    Take a moment to add your name to our petition to tell state decision makers to protect the yoga community from unnecessary and harmful regulation. This petition will be presented at the DPOS’ next public meeting tomorrow, so we need you to sign ASAP! Spread it to your friends, family, neighbors--anyone in Colorado who cares about yoga.

  • Savvy with social media?
    Start a firestorm of tweets and posts to tell the DPOS why they should #ProtectColoradoYoga. Share your story about what these regulations would mean for you or your school/studio, and educate your friends and followers about what the DPOS is doing.

  • Have a spare hour or two on January 27?
    If so, we need you to attend the DPOS meeting to demonstrate just how many YTTs are concerned about this important issue. For more details about tomorrow's meeting and how to get there, read our latest article

Most importantly, we need you to spread this information as much as you can. Retweet, share, repost, forward, reblog — whatever you can do to tell more Coloradoans about what is happening.

The more people we have making noise, the better chance we have at making change.

Join us in protecting Colorado yoga.

This is your time to act and make change in the yoga community.

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