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Kirsten Berry

Breath is Life. Breath-Based Hatha Yoga. Teacher Trainer. Yin Yoga. Bhajans Lover. Mama.

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About Kirsten Berry

“In my experience, breath-based movement is an effective & joyful way to re-center and to touch base with the Heart of the moment. Practicing Hatha Yoga and sharing the practice are both essential parts of my everyday life. In the vast field of Yoga, my interest & passion belong to classical breath-based, slow flow Hatha Yoga, and long held deep Yin Yoga poses. 


I love when movement practices lead into silent contemplation and stillness. This is the way I practice, and this is what I teach. I started my own Yoga journey during university times as I studied architecture & art history. Yoga first caught my attention on a trip through South India in my early twenties.

My introduction to Yoga included a classical static style of Hatha Yoga integrated into a holistic way of living, including breathing practices, diet, cleansing routines, mantra chanting, etc. My interest in Yoga & meditation, and the call to dedicate more of my time & energy to Self discovery, led me to journey through India & South East Asia for more than a decade. And that adventure continues even today!


In 2007, Yoga moved from being a cherished side aspect of my life, to being its center. Since then, many years have been dedicated to classical Hatha & Yin Yoga practice & studies, to meditation, contemplation & retreats, and to investigation into the Essence of Life. 


My Hatha Yoga & meditation practice is inspired by Krishnamacharya's Vinyasa Krama, and I am moved by the pointing of Mooji, that profoundly pulls the Yoga teachings off the mat into a moment by moment inquiry.” 

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