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'Everyday Yoga for Everyday People' - Workshops and immersions for teachers and experienced students, focussed on the practical.

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About WanderingyogiLee

Namaste! A yogini who lives with the occasional blowback from eating prawns, my life philosophy is pretty simple - follow your path, learn to stumble with grace, become adept at apologising and learning, have a sense of humour.  My yoga teaching style?  I prefer to explore techniques and practice through the lenses of lineages I know deeply (which are two - hatha and tao), with an emphasis on the word 'practice'.  I focus on feel first, structure second.  Safety happens when you listen to all your maya koshas - I mean really listen. My spiritual philosophy is a little mixed, but draws from Tantric and Buddhist views of life.  The energetic framework for understanding how we respond and why in poses and meditation is the Wu-Xing.  Meridians, acupressure mu and shu points, animals and elements. With a couple of thousand hours of teaching, quite a few retreats, and encouragement from my community, I offer my knowledge and experience to other teachers and students through my workshops and immersions. I hope to see you at one of my workshops,  In Maistri, Lee.

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