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Roo Frith

Brookmans Avenue, Quinton, Birmingham, UK

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Roo Frith Teaches

  • Flow Yoga
  • Alignment-Oriented Yoga
  • Fitness Yoga
  • Spiritually-Oriented Yoga
  • Hot/Heated Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Specialty Yoga



About Roo Frith

Free your body, ignite your creativity, and radiate with joy through the practise of Yoga.   Playful and explorative, Roo teaches a physical yoga practise that will make you  strong , bring  balance  to the body and mind, and ...

Free your body, ignite your creativity, and radiate with joy through the practise of Yoga.


Playful and explorative, Roo teaches a physical yoga practise that will make you strong, bring balance to the body and mind, and inspire your soul. Inspired by ancient yogic and ayurvedic traditions and adapting them through her knowledge of anatomy and modern living, Roo teaches a progressive style of yoga that holds its roots in both science and art.

Services offered:


Flow Yoga - an exciting dynamic yoga practise, combining flowing movement (vinyasa) with classic yoga postures (Hatha asana). This class will make you sweat, get your body moving, get your core engaged, and leave you feeling energised and focused to face life’s challenges. 

Yin Yoga - deeply nourishing, relaxing and meditative practise, where long holds allow you to go deeper into the postures. Perfectly complementing the faster pace of modern life, in this class you will learn to gently & gradually let go of unnecessary tension in your body & mind, and feel more content and connected with the present moment.

Private Sessions - 1-to-1 training focused on your personal goals in a private setting.

Partner Yoga - a joyous and playful practise combining acrobatics, group yoga, and Thai massage- full of laughter and sillyness! Shake off your worries, release your inner child, and become inspired by life's wonders once more.

Workplace Corporate Yoga - Bespoke yoga sessions for your office or workplace- relaxing and gentle flow yoga focused on releasing tension in the shoulders, neck, and lower back.

Workplace Team Building Yoga Workshops - an exciting blend of classic yoga and group acrobatics for beginners, designed to bring people together and build trust, communication, team motivation and productivity. An amazing way to destress your employees and boost creativity in the work place!

3 day Kids and Family Yoga Teacher Training with Rainbow Yoga® under Ieva WildLoveBeamer (completed July 2017)

200 hours intensive Tantric Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Zuna Yoga® under Katherine Girling (completed October 2016)

100 hours long course Hatha Yoga & Spiritual Foundation with Friends of Yoga Society International® under Debbie Avery (completed June 2016)

Teaching since 2015



First Registered November 2016

Teaching Experience


DAC Beachcroft

January 2018 - Current
DAC Beachcroft LLP
Hagley Road, Birmingham, UK

Moseley Yoga Studio

January 2017 - Current
The Old Print Works
Moseley Road, Birmingham, UK

University of Birmingham Sport & Fitness

December 2016 - Current
University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

Harborne Pool & Fitness Centre

October 2016 - Current
Harborne Pool & Fitness Centre
Lordswood Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom

The Club & Spa

November 2016 - July 2017
The Cube, Birmingham, UK

Pure Gym

December 2016 - July 2017
PureGym Brierley Hill
Brierley Hill, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Livery Place

January 2017 - July 2017
Colmore Business District, Birmingham, UK

Lifestyle Fitness Stirchley

November 2016 - April 2017
Lifestyle Fitness
Halesowen, Birmingham, UK

Heathbrook Fitness

January 2017 - February 2017
Kinver, Kingswinford, UK

24/7 Fitness Hagley Road

November 2016 - February 2017
24/7 Fitness Birmingham Gym, Hagley Road
Smethwick, Birmingham, UK

Barefoot Birmingham

August 2016 - September 2016
Barefoot Birmingham, High Street
Harborne, Birmingham, United Kingdom
First Registered November 2016
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