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Judit Eszter Bakos, PhD

Budapest, XI. kerület, Brassó út 91, Hungary
+36 30 7575 500

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Judit Eszter Bakos, PhD Teaches

  • Flow Yoga
  • Spiritually-Oriented Yoga


Hungarian, English

About Judit Eszter Bakos, PhD

RYT 500 yoga teacher, mantra singer, relax yoga nidra teacher founder of Danvantara Publishing House and Narada Vedic Academy   My personality was shaped by active involvement in music and sport from my early childhood. I could sing earlier than I could speak. This...

RYT 500 yoga teacher, mantra singer, relax yoga nidra teacher

founder of Danvantara Publishing House and Narada Vedic Academy


My personality was shaped by active involvement in music and sport from my early childhood. I could sing earlier than I could speak. This lead to learning to play two instruments: the violin for seven years and the piano for five years.  I also did athletics, but it was mainly long-distance running that brought results. With time the heat of athletics faded away and it was replaced by fitness. At the age of ten the questions around being and self-knowledge got to be at centre of my attention. Before long I came upon the book entitled Life after Death, where I found a lot of answers I was looking for. However, I soon had to face the defining problem of having to earn a living.

I then finished my studies of economics with Ph.D at the University of Szent István. By this time active involvement in sport and music became the pastimes of special occasions and celebrations. I have first found my intellectual and financial goals in market-research and later in publishing.

In 2000 I met Attila Bakos, writer and philosopher, who later became my husband. I was truly enthralled by the complex system of yoga that I got to know with his help and it opened new perspectives in my life. The infinitely wonderful and all-pervading Yoga Science brought new aims in my life and a refined view of life. Moreover, it has returned my long-lost and not hoped for pastimes at a much higher level in the form of mantra singing evenings, meditations, sound-bowl relaxations, Hatha yoga and Vinyasa Flow yoga.

My Teachers

Attila  Bakos | writer, philosopher, master of yoga science and Vedic philosophy, the founder of Vedic culture in Hungary, Narada Vedic Academy

Mukesh Kothari  | yoga master, BinduSar YS

Swami Veda Bharati  | founder, Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International

Swami Ritavan  | spiritual leader, Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International

Swami Anandananda  |  yogacharya, Bihar YS

B. S. Govinda Swami  |  bhakti yogacharya

Professional activities

2016 | Kriya Yoga Training  | Bihar YS  | 32 hours 

2016 | RYT 500 | Hatha Yoga Teacher in-service training | Purnam YS | 500 hours

2015 | Kriya yoga training| Bihar YS | 32 hours

2015 | Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher in-service training | VIFE | 32 hours 

2012 | Initiation in meditation |  Swami Ritavan

2011 | Sport Teacher training course OKJ – Hungary |  Oktáv

2011 | Certified Yoga Teacher | MJSZE – Hungarian Association of Yoga Teachers 

2011 | RYT200   |   Hatha Yoga Teacher training course | BinduSar Yoga - Rishikesh YS  | 200 hours

2010 | Teaching Yoga, Relax Yoga Nidra with sound bowls, MantraSOUND meditation concerts - ongoing

2010 | Sound therapist training |  Peter Hess Institut  

2009 | Gayatri initiation |  Attila  Bakos

2009 | Private tutoring/lessons in singing | teacher: Katalin Pitti, opera singer, Liszt Award, Merited Artist – ongoing

2004 | Yoga studies and courses in India| New-Delhi, Calcutta, Puri, Nawadvip |ongoing every two years

2003 | Brahmana initiation |   B.S. Govinda Swami 

2002 | Mantra Yoga Initiation |  B.S. Govinda Swami  

2000 | Studying Yoga Philosophy, sacred music training, practising hatha yoga | ongoing

Books, CD albums and professional video clips

2016 |  ‘Csakra Pszichológia’ – book on Chakra Psychology - Co-author with Attila Bakos

MantraSOUND CD albums  mantra music, yoga music, meditation music, classical  MP3 digital downloads CD albums

2015 |  Agnihotra • mantra music •   MantraSOUND meditations 2.

2014 | ChakraSOUND meditations  Harmonizing Chakras with mantras and sound bowls

2013 | MantraSOUND meditations 1. • mantra music

Relax Yoga Nidra CD albums  Deep Relax with sound bowls,  with SOUND meditation MP3 digital downloads CD albums

2015 | Patanjali Relax 1  • Yoga Sutras pada 1-2 audio with sound bowls and gong 

2015 | Patanjali Relax 2  • Yoga Sutras pada 3-4  with sound bowls and gong 

2014 | Narada Relax  • SOUNDmeditation, Yoga Nidra with sound bowls and gong   guided relax  

mantraSOUND & yogaART  video clips

2016 | Asato ma sad gamaya mantra

2015 | Surya Namaskara - mantra - asana - nada 

2014 | Anahata chakra  - harmonizing the heart chakra  

2014 | Samsara  

2014 | Moksha mantra  

2013 | Maha Mrityunjaya mantra  

2013 | Ya devi sarva bhuteshu  

2013 | Gayatri mantra  

2013 | Ganesha mantra 

Diploma and postgraduate studies
Engineer - University of Debrecen, Hungary

Ph.D in Economics – University of Szent István, Hungary

Yoga has become my life. I would like to thank my teachers and all those who support and continually inspire me on this wonderful path.

First Registered August 2016

Teaching Experience


Narada Akadémia | Budai Művészház

May 2011 - Current
XI. kerület, Brassó út 91, Hungary
First Registered August 2016
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