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Lindsay Lusignea Kiracofe

710 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD, United States

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Lindsay Lusignea Kiracofe Teaches

  • Flow Yoga
  • Alignment-Oriented Yoga
  • Spiritually-Oriented Yoga
  • Hot/Heated Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga



About Lindsay Lusignea Kiracofe

Yoga is an inward focus with outward expression.   All Things Change   I took my first yoga class at a time in my life when I believed I was at the top of my athletic game. I could run for miles, out-hustle guys, and out-lift women twice my size. When I went...

Yoga is an inward focus with outward expression.


All Things Change


I took my first yoga class at a time in my life when I believed I was at the top of my athletic game. I could run for miles, out-hustle guys, and out-lift women twice my size. When I went to my first vinyasa yoga class, I could hardly stand on one foot. I was humbled, and I was out of my comfort zone. I was at the end of my lacrosse career and I did not want to lift heavy weights anymore. I was tired of running so much, but I still wanted to stay strong and healthy. 10 minutes into that first yoga class, I swore I would never go back. Everyone was so flexible, doing odd things with their bodies, balancing on their hands, and breathing loudly. It was not until the last 5 minutes of class that I was bit by that toothy yoga bug. The teacher read a passage that spoke straight to me. It reminded me of something my favorite psychologist, Carl Rogers, would speak of. It was about seeing the beauty in others and loving ourselves. I was hooked. In that moment I realized yoga was much more than the physical experience, it was a journey into the mind and spirit. 


Challenges are our great lessons


Today, the challenge and the love for the practice still remains. Initially, it was the challenge of getting through the 60 or 90 minutes practice. It was the physical challenge to keep up with the class. Then, it became the challenge of quieting my mind enough to focus on my breathing more. Then, it became the challenge of no longer needing to be challenged. My practice has become, and is, about active surrender. As the Buddha said, “suffering is optional.” It is the balance of power (challenge, discipline, focus, strength) and grace (ease, fluid movement, breath, flexibility).


To let go isn't about losing control, it's about faith


My yoga practice is the playground where I explore life with curiosity. My mat acts like a  mirror, offering a reflection of myself in which I discover who I am, and who I am not. My practice is a source of vitality from which I re-boot and energize my spirit. Yoga shifted for me from a physical method of exercise to an active practice of becoming a better, more healthy, more vibrant version of myself. The inspiration and clarity I feel after each practice is the driving force behind my choice to bring the power of yoga to others. 



It’s about balance


With my experience in clinical and counseling psychology, teaching yoga and training yoga teachers became the most intuitive, and natural next step. I want people to live lives of authentic self-expression, and balance. Teaching to each side of the scales: power and grace, mind and body, vitality and restoration, fun and technicality I am passionately dedicated to offering two complementary styles of yoga:


Power Vinyasa Classes: A dynamic, flowing form of yoga that links together breath and movement. Based on the Baron Baptiste yoga method, these classes have the power to transform your body, revive your spirit and make you feel alive. You will experience a variety of postures, expand on alignment principles, and get sweaty. Learn to go with the flow, find your edge, and experience inner harmony.


Restore & Revive Classes: Based on Yin and Restorative practices, these classes focus on deep therapeutic benefits of relieving tension in the bodies connective tissues to create physical ease. This is a slow paced style of yoga where the postures are held for an extended period of time while relaxing your muscles. The nature of this practice targets not just the muscles, but the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not afforded much attention in more active styles of yoga. These classes offer balance, and a restorative counterpoint to a more vigorous practice. 



Breathe. Be curious. Have fun. Focus. Open up to possibility. 


Pillars of Lindsay’s teaching includes:



Be curious

Have fun

Focus your mind

Open up to possibility that you can live your life powerfully happy with optimal health, inside and out.


Her enriching and transformative programs:


Lindsay has been a teacher of teachers since 2009, leading 200 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher trainings across the country.  Locally based out of the Baltimore and Philadelphia areas, you can also find her around the globe spreading the power of yoga. The programs she has created and leads include:


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Assists & Adjustments of yoga training

Restore & Revive Teacher Training

Yoga philosophy webinars and seminars

The Holistic Athlete

1:1 Consulting for yoga teachers

1:1 Consulting for yoga businesses and management teams

Yoga & Nutrition Retreats

Yoga workshops including inversions, hip openers, back bends, advanced transitions, advanced poses, restorative yoga, and more.


Training experience:

  • 500+ hour yoga certification (E-RYT 500): Lifeline Power Yoga

  • 300 hours of Vinyasa Yoga training with Jason Crandell

  • 100 hour Yoga Anatomy certification: Leslie Kaminoff

  • 100 hour Yoga Philosophy training with Georg Feuerstein

  • Thai Yoga certified: The Vedic Conservatory

  • Reiki Certified, Level 1: Mary Spinoso

  • Past and current training immersions with: Baron Baptiste, Bernie Clark, Judith Lasater, Ana Forrest, Seane Corn, Jason Crandell

  • Lululemon Ambassador

  • Manduka Ambassador

  • The Trip Tribe Ambassador


First Registered July 2011
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider
First Registered July 2011
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider YACEP® Profile 

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