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Schwerinstraße 21

Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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About Rundum Yoga Duesseldorf

As a yoga studio with two locations in Dusseldorf – in Derendorf and Unterbilk – Rundum offers the right style of yoga for all actively practicing yogis and people interested in yoga. So that participants can experience first hand the fascination of yoga in all its facets,...

As a yoga studio with two locations in Dusseldorf – in Derendorf and Unterbilk – Rundum offers the right style of yoga for all actively practicing yogis and people interested in yoga. So that participants can experience first hand the fascination of yoga in all its facets, the Rundum Yoga team, led by Susanne and Marc Wenke, likes to explore new paths in its workshops and special offers, which inlcude ‘Sunset Yoga’ in Summer with a breathtaking rooftop view in Media Harbor, flying gracefully in soft, fabric hammocks during Air Yoga courses, exciting events from the Rundum Yoga Community for good causes an  Ayurvedic sessions, to name just a few. The weekly course program focuses on the three classic yoga styles: dynamic, flowing Vinyasa Yoga, versatile Hatha Yoga with deep roots in older yogic traditions and the meditative, deeply relaxing Yin Yoga.

Rundum Yoga’s Multistyle Teacher Training includes exactly these three classic yoga forms, which in essence all have plenty in common in terms of style, but are nevertheless very different in their special characteristics. In the course of the training, we combine these three wonderfully complementary yoga styles to provide our future yoga teachers with an extensive teaching repertoire. Rundum Yoga would like to accompany you on a very special journey: the exciting, challenging journey to yourself, to your deepest innermost “you”!

About our teacher:

Marc Wenke (Main Teacher)

The experience of being able to connect with myself and others through movement and bodywork has been a topic that has followed me throughout my whole life.
Even as a child, I began to express myself through physical movement and found a means of communication in dance. At the age of 11, I became a student at Pleva, a private ballet school in Stuttgart, and a year later switched to the John Cranko School of the Stuttgart Ballet, where I graduated as a state-certified classical dancer in1983.
I dedicated my life to dance for 13 years, during which I trained and performed with various choreographers at home and abroad (for example, with Erich Walter and Paolo Bortuluzzi at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf, with Jouri Vamos at the Stadttheater Dortmund, at the Bonn Opera and at the Stadttheater in Basel). From 1996 onwards I danced as a solo artist in numerous guest roles in Dusseldorf, Halle and Bonn in productions such as The Nutcracker, The Wonderful Mandarin, Romeo and Juliet, and many more.
Through performing in a series of screenplays at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in New York from 1997 to 1999, the medium of spoken word became another form of expression in which I was able to make emotions and thoughts tangible and give them space on the stage. This was followed by roles in various theaters (for example, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, Theater am Schlachthof / Neuss) and collaborations with artists such as Samy [1] Molcho (pantomime) and Marvin Smith (hip hop).
My third training course – the Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at the Yogaloft in Cologne from 2007 to 2008 – was a step for me to dive deeper and more consciously into myself. The emphasis on the body’s external form and the aesthetics involved in its postures and dynamics has changed through yoga: the asana practice, pranayama and meditation have a far more fundamental effect and are ways for me to really to come to my center. At the same time, the inward path is also an outward path: by recognizing myself more and more in others.
Teachers with whom I have learned and who inspire me are David Pushava Winch, Sir Edward Clark, Christine May, Shiva Rea, Govinda Kai and Marc Darby.
Through the Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training one of my dreams has come true and I am full of joy and inspiration to embark on this journey together with you.

Bine Steenaerts
My first experience with yoga happened in October 2012. It started out as private yoga lessons from a friend once a week, but I quickly realized that yoga was more than a new “sport”, it was a new life philosophy which had an amazing impact on me both inside and out. This is the reason that led me to visit more and more classes at Rundum Yoga.
And so began my transformation. The idea that yoga was not enough to satisfy my need for movement also changed completely. Through yoga I was able to feel serenity and inner peace for the first time. I learned to consciously observe my physical body and finally could calm my mind. The newly gained strength and insight helped me to give my life new direction and meaning. I decided to leave my job as a fitness club manager, and everything that it entails, after more than 10 years. My life’s new purpose came to light after this fundamental shift. In order to intensify my own practice and, above all, to experience and get to know the colorful world of the spiritual cosmos in India, I decided to do the multistyle yoga teacher training in Goa. The training was not only unique due to the teachings of various yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Sivananda yoga, but I also learned different meditation techniques.
I now work at the same yoga school in India as a yoga teacher and organize the team for the teacher trainings. This allows me to bring all of my newly acquired knowledge and insight back to Germany and into the Rundum classrooms during the teacher training.
I’m extremely happy that I’ve had the opportunity to take the pace in my life down a notch so that I can now see the world through completely different eyes. I am looking forward to sharing my energy with you during my classes and helping you to connect your body, mind and soul through practicing challenging asanas and intensive breathing exercises. Let's Flow!

 [1]Sein Name wurde nur mit einem ‘M’ geschrieben. Bitte auch im deutschen Text prüfen.


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First Registered September 2016

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Marc Wenke & Bine Steenaerts
RYS 200h Multistyle Yogalehrerausbildung – Teacher - Marc Wenke & Bine Steenaerts [51]
Marc Wenke, Nicole Barlau & Bine Steenaerts
RYS 200h Multistyle Yogalehrerausbildung – Teacher - Marc Wenke, Nicole Barlau & Bine Steenaerts [46]
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