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छ्याबस्ती सडक, Chhaling, Nepal

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Alignment-Oriented Yoga

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About Nepal Yoga Academy & Retreat

Nepal Yoga Academy is a true Yoga and spiritual learning center focusing on teaching the classical Sanatan yoga system. This yoga science is based on centuries of practice and development. The Nepal Yoga Academy and its complimentary Nepal Yoga Retreat, is situated in...

Nepal Yoga Academy is a true Yoga and spiritual learning center focusing on teaching the classical Sanatan yoga system. This yoga science is based on centuries of practice and development. The Nepal Yoga Academy and its complimentary Nepal Yoga Retreat, is situated in the lap of the natural beauty of lush Himalayan forests dotted with traditional villages. We focus on authentic teachings, practice and research based on the traditional scientific yogic way.

Presently, the academy is the only destination in the Himalayas of Nepal for those who wish to learn yoga, in the classical form. The Academy’s locations provide a clean, pure and sacred atmosphere within beautiful gardens flowing with prana (life force energy). The facilities are a perfect blend of modern amenities and traditional, spiritual simplicity.
The Academy focuses on the Sanatan Yoga System featuring a rhythmic style of hatha yoga. Our teachings and your practice will allow  you to develop a happier, healthier, more focused and productive life. When you combine the classical tradition with an experienced Guru, you will bring a new awareness thus awakening within you, a deeper connection to self.  The resulting positive  personal will connect you with the cosmos and higher consciousness. In every class, you will feel the development of your strength, flexibility, emotional surety and confidence.

Nepal is the original home of yoga, many Eastern philosophers and deep wisdom.  Since ancient times, thousands of yogis and Rishis (sages) have meditated and practiced yoga in their quest for the attainment of wisdom in this beautiful country.  The yogic vibrations of such great people increase the significance of this land creating the atmosphere a wonderful practice.

Nepal is one of the few countries in the world, which offer 1, 2 & 3 month visas upon arrival! Thus offering a non stress long stay opportunity to really deepen your practice and learning.

To practice  meditation in the hills of Nepal works on your yogic aura as your physical body looks out over pristine forests and mountain ranges filled with natural abundance.

Nepal is the land of a wonderful combination of Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, yoga and meditation and offers a blend of these practices.  Nepal is a mountainous country full of lakes, forests, jungles, caves, rivers, waterfalls and other natural wonders that are suitable for yoga and meditation.  A culture and history of yogic meditation has been established here by thousands of Yoga Rishis that reflected nature with their asanas, since time immemorial.

Nepal lies in a temperate monsoon region but the climate here is mild. Except in some parts of the Southern Terai belt, the temperature does not exceed 34 degrees Celsius.  Nepal is suitable for yogic practice all year round.

The spiritualism of this beautiful country is rarely affected by modernization, so mastering yoga is easier and more effective here.

Some historical facts about yoga and meditation in Nepal.

  • Vyas Rishi was born and meditated in the caves of the Himalayas who further developed Eastern philosophy by writing The Puranas, and achieved the highest level of wisdom.
  • The yogic disciplines of Hatha, Mantra, Tantra, Shiva and more are said to be the outcomes of conversations held in the lap of the Himalauas; between Lord Shiva (the true ‘Transformer’) and Parvati, the Hindu Goddess of fertility, love and devotion.
  • Lumbini, Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha,who preached of world peace through his meditation and dissemination of wisdom.
  • Nepal was the center of meditation for Pāṇini, the greatest Grammatical scholar of the Sanskrit language (Dev Vasha), which is the oldest known language on Earth.
  • King Janak, who achieved salvation before death and was known as the King of Sages, practiced meditation and spiritual politics in Nepal.
  • Guru Gorakhnath, a great Vaishawik practitioner/preacher and the modern exponent of Hatha, Tantra, Mantra traditions;  was born and lived in Nepal. His followers are called yogis.

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