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Om Shanti Om Yoga School Rishikesh, Swarg Ashram

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Types of Yoga Taught

Flow Yoga

Alignment-Oriented Yoga

Spiritually-Oriented Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Trainings Formats

usually intensive/immersion

spread out over time

trainees stay on-site

trainees commute to the program

Destination / retreat


English , Russian , Hindi and Sanskrit Mantra

About Om Shanti Om Yoga School

Om Shanti Om  is one of the  very classical  &  oldest   Yoga School in Rishikesh,  ( World Capital of Yoga ) where  Yoga courses  are being organized for the last  10 years . It is well known for its traditional/ancient...

Om Shanti Om is one of the very classical & oldest Yoga School in Rishikesh,  (World Capital of Yoga) where Yoga courses are being organized for the last 10 years.
It is well known for its traditional/ancient style Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh, India, as well as for Vinyasa Flow YogaAshtanga YogaSivananda Yoga, & Iyengar Yoga also. We offer all levels (4) Yoga courses; Beginner'sIntermediateAdvancedMaster.
It was established in 1999 by world-famous Swami Yogananda Maharaj Ji who achieved Maha Samadhi on 3rd January 2015, he had been alive for 106 years.

Yogi Dinesh Ji is a long-term student of Swami Yogananda Ji and the Director of school now along with E-RYT 500 from Yoga Alliance USA. Om Shanti Om is a Registered Yoga School certified by RYS 200, 300 & 500 with internationally recognized Yoga Alliance USA and has 10+ professional teachers who are very keen to expand their knowledge in the world. We provide Authentic Indian vegetarian cooking & Ashram Based Living (private/sharing). 

First Registered March 2015

Upcoming Programs

RYS® 200

Om Shanti Om Yoga, Teacher Training Course 200 hours Hatha Yoga
200 Hours Yoga TTC Mar 4, 2019 - Mar 30, 2019
200 Hours Yoga TTC Feb 4, 2019 - Feb 28, 2019
200 Hours Yoga TTC Jan 7, 2019 - Jan 31, 2019
200 Hours Yoga TTC Dec 3, 2018 - Dec 28, 2018
200 Hours Yoga TTC Nov 5, 2018 - Nov 30, 2018
200 Hours Yoga TTC Oct 1, 2018 - Oct 26, 2018
200 Hours Yoga TTC Sep 3, 2018 - Sep 28, 2018
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First Registered March 2015

School Reviews

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Sep 06, 2018

Priya and Dinesh are amazing. They were very welcoming and the classes offered and materials taught were wonderful. My month in Rishikesh, while challenging at times, even to the point of me wanting to just pack up and go home, it was a part of my life I will cherish forever. Yoga has changed my life and now thanks to all those at Om Shanti Om, I am able to share my passion with others! Thank you Priya and Dinesh and all the teachers at Om Shanti Om. Much love - Om Namashivaya! I can't wait to see you all again <3 Full Review

By Paola Cruz RYT® 200

May 25, 2018

Hi Om Shanti Om! The staff at OSO Yoga School was extremely saavy and friendly. The curriculum covered a wide range of topics and aspects of yoga, and was one of the main reasons of why I chose this school. They truly make you feel and understand what yoga is all about. I have recommended this school to everyone who is serious about YOGA. Perks: In house chef's meals are amazing. I'm still craving them. Full Review

All Reviews (21)

Teaching Staff


E-RYT® 500

Meditation at Vashishtha Cave
Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - Meditation at Vashishtha Cave [12]
Special Ganga Pooja Ceremony
Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - Special Ganga Pooja Ceremony [13]
May month Yoga students Graduation ceremony
Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - May month Yoga students Graduation ceremony [7]
Mountains Sunrise view from Kunjapuri Temple
Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - Mountains Sunrise view from Kunjapuri Temple [9]
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