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Camino a Playa Chamán, Uvita, Costa Rica

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About Bienestar - Uvita Yoga Shala

We offer classes in Yoga that focus on basic postures, breathe, awareness and meditation techniques in order to develop strength, flexibility of the body, mental clarity and a general sense of wellbeing. We respect the differences and needs of each individual in-group...

We offer classes in Yoga that focus on basic postures, breathe, awareness and meditation techniques in order to develop strength, flexibility of the body, mental clarity and a general sense of wellbeing. We respect the differences and needs of each individual in-group or private practice. Yoga is an ever deepening and expanding discipline, which through regular practice unite body, breathe and mind. You are never to out of shape, overweight, to old or to ill to benefit from yoga that is taught specifically for your conditions.
We offer 200 Yoga Teacher Training programs and Continuing Education Classes for yoga teachers at all levels.
So we gather on a wooden platform under the rainforest trees, surrounded by nature, a short walk to the beach, to offer you yoga, meditation, mindfulness, serenity and at times, crazy joy and allot of laughter.                                                                         

First Registered August 2014

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RYS® 200

Aug 13, 2023—Sep 9, 2023
Bienestar 200 hour Integrative Yoga Teacher Training
Jul 9, 2023—Aug 10, 2023
Bienestar 200 hour Integrative Yoga Teacher Training
Feb 13, 2023—Apr 15, 2023
Bienestar 200 hour Integrative Yoga Teacher Training
Jan 9, 2023—Feb 4, 2023
Bienestar 200 hour Integrative Yoga Teacher Training
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First Registered August 2014

School Reviews

Total Reviews: 36

By ieva asana RYT® 200

Oct 25, 2022

I had a good experience at Bienestar with our lovely teacher Lura and an amazing group of women whom I met on the course. I learned how to teach Yoga from basics gradually moving to more challenging yoga postures as the training progressed. Training is adapted to teaching western public of different bodies, mobility and flexibility and introduce yoga to people who never done it before. What I loved about the course is that Lura made us students aware that a lot of people do not have the same flexibility as us teachers and reminded to teach with caution making sure teaching is adapted to individual needs of each student. Which meant training was slower at times even we wanted to progress faster, but that taught us to slow down and take time to learn basics which is essential part of yoga practice. We were a small group, each of us had a lot of personal attention and alignment examples based on each of our bodies which is rare in big yoga schools, I learned how to align my own body properly as well as how to correct the students with different bodies. All training course (except of anatomy) was led by Lura who is a lead teacher and is very experienced, she is also trained in yoga therapy and is well knowledge-equipped to navigate students journey into a good yoga teacher. Lura is also a very kind person and spent lot of time with the group, made sure we eat nutritious and healthy food. In fact, there were always plenty of food, so we were never hungry. Even on our days off she allowed us to munch the food in the fridge and gave plenty of advice which places to explore around. Lura went beyond her duties and when I left my rucksack, she made sure it is transported to my country safe by her fellow student which was an act of selfless service. Our anatomy teacher Julia was a wizard of her job, and her lessons were super interesting, she is extremely knowledgeable and experienced so her input was invaluable. On top of that I met amazing women on this course, we had a lot of amazing experiences together and became friends. The only couple of things that could be improved is a bit better time scheduling as sometimes classes would start late (although things do go unexpected making it a bit challenging to maintain the schedule). Also, our group was a bit unlucky with is the fact that we lived under construction because the accommodation wasn't finished so we did have to breathe a bit of dust and were disrupted with some noise. But Lura explained the reasons behind this and how things in Costa Rica work especially during pandemic when everything was slow, and supplies were stuck. I am sure once this place is finished it will be an amazing oasis for students to rejuvenate and do the practice surrounded by jungle. Hope it goes well and once it's completed; I would love to return. Lura makes sure she looks after her students even after the course is finished and always welcomes them to her home, in this place you get a friend and a mentor for life. Full Review

By Abigail Martinez RYT® 200

Aug 16, 2022

My 200 hour teacher training with Lura was an overall good one. She is very knowledgeable and was always there to answer any questions. The training started as if we were all absolute beginners. At first it felt slow, but as time progressed I realized the importance of taking that extra time. I learned special adjustments and modifications that will help me provide that attention to detail with my students. I appreciated having a small group where we could all get the attention we needed and the opportunities to teach a few times. Lura encourages everyone to bring their own personality to their practice which allowed everyone to get creative and have fun. Moving forward, I see where there could be improvement in the organization of the training and scheduling. She also made very opinionated, personal comments that were not related to the training and at times inappropriate. All in all, I'm grateful for my experience and training at Bienestar. Full Review

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Teaching Staff

Lura Doebler Shopteau

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Everyday classes - meeting the level of my guests
Students - Everyday classes - meeting the level of my guests [209]
after class play, balancing in wet sand
Students - after class play, balancing in wet sand [194]
a local waterfall
Students - a local waterfall [213]
end of the session
Students - end of the session [138]

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