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, Berlin, Germany

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About "Dynamic Mindfulness" Yoga Teacher Training

Dynamic Mindfulness is a contemporary yoga school founded upon the Buddhist principles of mindfulness. You will learn the latest in biomechanically informed movement, receive individualized mentoring and connect with an intimate group of like-minded people to foster community,...

Dynamic Mindfulness is a contemporary yoga school founded upon the Buddhist principles of mindfulness. You will learn the latest in biomechanically informed movement, receive individualized mentoring and connect with an intimate group of like-minded people to foster community, friendships, and learning. Our graduates tell us that they not only became skilled yoga teachers, but they also experienced increased confidence in their mediation practice and clarity in their direction in life.

First Registered June 2014

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Financial Assistance


One full scholarship and one scholarships of 500 € available for trainees who have experienced systemic discrimination, violence and oppression of any kind.

Work Exchange Programs

One work-study scholarship of 300 € for in In-Training Assistant. The ITA acts as an administrative assistant for the entire training group. She or he is tracking attendance hours, homework, notes or changes to the training materials or schedule, and facilitating communication throughout the training group. The ITA also takes daily photos during the training.

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First Registered June 2014

School Reviews

Total Reviews: 11

By Dima Raffi RYT® 200

Jan 30, 2024

I recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in the yoga teacher training program at Yoga Mindfulness Berlin, and I cannot express enough how transformative and enlightening the experience was. From the moment I stepped into the studio, I was greeted with warmth and a sense of belonging that set the tone for the entire program. One of the standout aspects of this training program was the emphasis on providing amazing insights into the world of yoga and mindfulness. The carefully designed material covered a wide range of topics, from the history and philosophy of yoga to anatomy and alignment. Each lesson was thoughtfully structured, allowing us to delve deep into the subject matter and truly understand the essence of yoga. What truly sets this program apart is the way in which the material is presented. The teachers at Yoga Mindfulness Berlin have a unique ability to make complex concepts accessible and relatable. They effortlessly blend theory with practical exercises, ensuring that we not only understood the information intellectually but also experienced it firsthand. This hands-on approach made the learning process engaging and enjoyable. The material provided during the training program is not only valuable during the course but also serves as a great reference for a lifetime. The comprehensive manuals and resources provided are meticulously organized and serve as a constant source of inspiration and guidance. Whether I need to refresh my memory on a particular pose or delve deeper into the philosophy behind yoga, I know I can always turn to these materials for support. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the incredible individuals who made this program truly exceptional. The program director, Tatiana, deserves a special thanks for her honesty and dedication. She created an environment where we felt safe to explore and grow, always encouraging us to challenge ourselves and embrace our own unique journey. Her passion for yoga and mindfulness is contagious, and her guidance throughout the program was invaluable. Additionally, our teacher, Anna Maija, deserves recognition for her expertise and unwavering support. Her teaching style is both nurturing and empowering, allowing us to tap into our own potential and discover our authentic voice as future yoga teachers. Her patience and willingness to answer our questions and address our concerns made the learning experience even more enriching. The yoga teacher training program at Yoga Mindfulness Berlin exceeded all my expectations. The amazing insights, carefully designed material, and dedicated teachers have left an indelible mark on my yoga journey. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained during this program, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a transformative and enlightening experience. Full Review

By Chloe Wilms RYT® 200

Feb 08, 2023

The Dynamic Mindfulness teacher training with Tatjana was truly wonderful. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Tatjana - she is an excellent teacher. The training transformed the way I move on the mat and live off of it! To this day I still find myself looking through my training notes and having new insights. :) I highly recommend this training with Dynamic Mindfulness. Thank you, Tatjana! Full Review

All Reviews (11)

Teaching Staff

Tatjana Mesar

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Zarko Andricevic

E-RYT® 500

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