A Message from the President & CEO

Published on: June 25, 2019

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Shannon Roche, Yoga Alliance President & CEO

Hear from Shannon about the significant enhancements to the RYS standards as well as other initial outcomes coming out of the Standards Review Project.

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Three main themes emerged with strong and clear support from our members and the broader yoga community - from people who are just beginning their teaching journeys to those who bring decades of wisdom:

  1. First, our credentials should identify and support those who hold them as experts and professionals who stand for quality, safety, and accessibility in yoga teaching.
  2. Second, for this to be credible, we must update and uphold our standards so that the credentials are in integrity.
  3. And, we need to fulfill all of the responsibilities of a professional membership association, including providing more comprehensive educational resources and member benefits as well as elevating difficult conversations about community-wide systemic challenges - all in support of our growth as individuals, as professionals, and as a global community.


From Christa Kuberry,
Our VP of Standards

Watch a video about the top-level enhancements to the RYS 200.

Questions about our new standards? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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