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Enhanced Lead Trainer Requirements

The conversation around what qualified yoga teachers to lead teacher training programs was one of the eight topics explored in-depth via the working groups, resulting in the Teacher Trainer Qualifications working group paper. While these elevated requirements of Lead Trainers might be challenging for some members individually, collectively these changes answer the call from the yoga community to ensure that experienced yoga teachers are training the next generation of yoga teachers, which promotes consistency, quality, and safety in training, teaching, and delivering yoga throughout our communities.

In effort to ensure that those new to yoga teaching will be guided and supported by teachers who have a deep familiarity with yoga’s full breadth and depth. beginning in February 2022, all Lead Trainers of any RYS 200 must hold the E-RYT 500 credential and teach at least 150 of the minimally-required 200 hours of the foundational teacher training program.

Lead Trainer Pathway For New RYS 200 Standards
Enhanced Lead Trainer Requirements for New RYS 200 Standards. View full size.

Given all of these considerations, we have allowed for more than 24 months for RYSs and RYTs to plan and prepare for these changes.

In addition, Yoga Alliance will work with the yoga community and long-time yoga teacher trainers to develop a pedagogy course to support teachers in their transition to Lead Trainer status. We look forward to sharing more information on this in the future.

RYS 200 Decision Tree

Are you interested in a pathway to be a Lead Trainer? Here is an infographic that outlines the path of an RYT, from the foundational RYT 200 to the professional E-RYT 500 credential and beyond.


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Teacher trainer requirements by group. Standards Review Project Survey, 2018

Number of hours to be a trainer of teachers. Standards Review Project Survey, 2018

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