Business of Yoga Resource Center 

We are excited to provide these complimentary resources to help you grow a sustainable yoga business, or learn more about how to start one. The articles and videos below contain business planning information, legal assistance, marketing ideas and practices, and even legal resources. 


Over the next few months we will be releasing full-length recordings from The 2013 Business of Yoga Conference.

While a few of the recordings will be available publicly, most of these will be available in full only to our members.

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Five Questions to Consider Before Making a Yoga Video

Kellie Adkins shares best practices for creating compelling teaching videos with a low budget and minimal technical savvy.

Developing a Sales Culture at Your Yoga Studio

Phil Swain focuses on steps to drive your personal enthusiasm for your yoga business into the culture of your organization.

Finding Your Purpose as a Leader: Karma Yoga for our Times

Suzanne Sterling offers advice about how to work with others and find your individual voice and role within the greater yoga community.

Radical Collaboration: Forming Alliances

Ten Tangible Tips for Social Media Success

Justin offers 10 tips on how to effectively and efficiently use social media to boost yoga business.

The Fundamentals of Workshop Design: Creating Success for You and Your Students

Rolf Gates offers lessons on how to offer workshops that maximize their benefits for yoga teachers.

Rapidly Improve Your Business with Customer Feedback

Brandon Hartsell provides a systematic approach for tapping into and making use of an invaluable resource—customer feedback.

The Art and Science of Profitable Private Teaching

Francesca Cervero shares strategies for running a profitable private yoga practice.

Standing for Change: The Next Generation of Yoga Alliance 

Hear Yoga Alliance President and CEO Richard Karpel explaining the reasoning behind these changes in his address during the membership meeting—a speech that resulted in a standing ovation.


Focus and Flow: Attention Management

Nathanael Chawkin provides specific tips and techniques you can use to enhance your focus in your work as a yoga teacher or studio owner.


Yoga: The Art of Transformation

In this video, Debra Diamond talks about the upcoming Smithsonian Exhibition, “Yoga: The Art of Transformation,” which traces the visual history of yoga. 


Conscious Mind, Conscious Business  

In this lecture, Tom Gardner speaks about Conscious Capitalism and outlines how yoga studios and schools can flourish to the overall benefit of, rather than at the expense of, their stakeholders. 

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