Standing for Change: 

The Next Generation of Yoga Alliance 

with Richard Karpel

We’ve recently announced a lot of information about the sweeping changes that are transforming Yoga Alliance. But these changes are not done in a vacuum, they come from a very clear vision of how we are changing Yoga Alliance from the inside out so that we are a more valuable resource to you, to the yoga community and the public at large.

In our third video release from the Business of Yoga Conference, you can get a peek at President and CEO Richard Karpel explaining the reasoning behind these changes in his address during the membership meeting—a speech that resulted in a standing ovation. Learn more about the next generation of Yoga Alliance and what it means for you. Read about our new strategic direction, including how we’re working to boost the value of your membership with new member benefits, education and transparency, and how we plan to add rigor and credibility to our credentialing system.

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