A Guide to Your New Registry Marks

Schools and teachers registered with Yoga Alliance are authorized to use our trademarked credential (i.e., your RYT or RYS designation) and corresponding registry mark.

In 2013, as part of the Next Generation of Yoga Alliance initiative, we gave our registry marks a fresh look. As we began the redesign process, we asked our members for input and received thousands of responses. Our goal was to make them more unique and to reflect our new visual identity. By incorporating our logo, the new registry marks make it easier for people to visually identify a Yoga Alliance credentialed school or teacher.

Our members also requested registry marks designed to scale so they can be displayed in a variety of marketing materials – business cards, websites, brochures, and even magazine advertisements.

To make it easier for you to share your designation, we developed three different versions to serve your needs: 

1. The “Basic” Version- Great for using for materials that call for a small scale (business cards etc.)

2. The All-in-One “Around the Circle” Version. This version has your designation integrated into the design. It is great for your website, certificates and for audiences who may be unfamiliar with the designation acronym.

3. The Original “Below the Circle” Version. Formatted in a similar way as our old registry mark, this mark is for when you want maximum readability of the designation (or simply liked the way the old mark looked in your marketing materials). 

When will these registry marks be available? 
Your dashboard contains the basic version of the registry mark(s)  you are eligible to use, which you may download (as a PNG file). Remember that to use any of these registry marks your status must be active.  

What about the other registry marks, when will they be available?
We expect to have the other two versions of the registry marks available for download in early 2014. In the meantime, if you would like a particular version of a registry mark for a current marketing project, you can email info(at)yogaalliance.com. 
Do I have to stop using the old version of the registry mark?
We don’t expect you to reprint your marketing materials with a new mark overnight. Going forward, we encourage you to switch to the new marks to signal that your registration is active and that your program or training meet Yoga Alliance standards.  

Registry Mark Usage Guide  


In order to maintain the integrity of the design of the new registry marks, we have a few recommendations for how to use the marks in your materials.

  • Registry marks look best displayed at least 0.5” wide.

  • Leave space around the mark that is at least 1/3 of the mark’s diameter.

Please also refrain from changing the registry mark in the following ways, which we feel degrades their appearance:  

Outlining it.

Tilting it.

Waring or distorting it.

Removing the watermark.

Modifying the space between elements of the registry mark.

Changing the color of it.

Changing the font.

Re-sizing any of the elements of the registry mark.

Placing it on a busy background.

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