A Guide to Your Yoga Alliance Logos and Registry Marks

Only current Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®), Registered Yoga Schools (RYS®) and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers® (YACEP®) may use the Yoga Alliance Registry Marks or YACEP logo. Members may use their appropriate Registry Marks and/or logos on their websites, business cards and other digital and physical marketing materials.

If we ask a RYT, RYS or YACEP to change how they are using their Yoga Alliance logos or Registry Marks, then they must either make the requested change(s) or stop using the logos/marks.

Yoga Alliance RYS and RYT Registry Marks cannot be used by any schools or teachers that are not currently registered with Yoga Alliance. The YACEP logo cannot be used by anyone that does not currently have the YACEP designation. This prohibition pertains to all members and registrants with declined, dissolved, suspended, revoked, barred and/or former status.

Logo and Registry Mark Usage Guide

In order to maintain the design integrity of the logos and Registry Marks, we have a few recommendations for how to use the marks in your materials.

  • Display with a width of at least 0.5”

  • Leave enough space around it (at least 1/3 of the diameter)

Also, please refrain from making any of the following adjustments that degrade their appearance:


Outlining it.

Changing the color of it.

Placing it on a busy background.

Tilting it.

Re-sizing any of the elements.

Warping or distorting it.

Modifying the space between elements.

Removing the watermark.

Changing the font.

Want to Download Your Logos and Registry Marks?

Log in to your online account and open up the area labeled "My Designations and Logos." For any of your current designations, you can download the YACEP logo, RYT or RYS Registry Mark to use in your marketing materials.

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