Community Service Awards

Last updated: May 16, 2016

Yoga Alliance is proud to serve yoga’s dedicated community of people who often go above and beyond when it comes to helping others.

We’re happy to announce that Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Registry will be recognizing RYTs and RYSs who help make a difference in the lives of others both on and off the mat.

In September 2016, we will recognize several members of the Yoga Alliance community, including: recipients of the 2016 scholarships from the Yoga Alliance Foundation, advocates that fight to protect yoga and the recipients of the service awards listed below. Winners will be brought to Washington, D.C., to attend this special ceremony.

We will be recognizing Yoga Alliance members (RYTs and RYSs) in the following award categories:

Open Heart Award

For members that volunteer their yoga teaching to underserved or deserving populations.

Warrior Award

For members that serve firefighters, police officers, veterans, military service members and/or their families, etc.

Giving Back Award

For members that exemplify service and volunteerism by doing more in the community than just yoga (e.g. a yoga school that does monthly food drives, or a yoga teacher that volunteers at a homeless shelter).

Youth Development Award

For members that share yoga with underprivileged, special needs or otherwise at-risk children.

Later this year, the entire yoga community will have the chance to vote for one overall Community Service Award winner—a distinguished honor we’re calling the "Yoga Alliance Community Choice Award.” We’ll release more details on that later in the year after the nominees have been chosen.

Questions? Feel free to contact

Nominations for these awards are officially closed. Thank you for your interest! Y

Rules and Guidelines

  1. You must be nominated by someone other than yourself.

  2. Only current members of Yoga Alliance are eligible for these awards. This includes members outside of the U.S.

  3. While nominations are open to any of our members--even those outside of the U.S., we will only cover travel expenses up to $500.

  4. Members of Yoga Alliance’s board, committees and staff are not eligible for these service awards.

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