CE Workshop | Yoga and the Path of Being Climate Awake and Proactive, Part 2

October 7, 2021

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About This Event

Sometimes, the world can seem like a never-ending landscape of suffering and injustice. At the same time, there is also breath-taking beauty, raw magic, courage, kindness, and bravery. Climate change poses an imminent threat to all life, and this workshop explores how using yoga to educate and empower is one way to take on the work of being climate awake and climate proactive. Practical tools and a way forward are shared along with the insight of fundamental yogic teachings.

About the Presenter

Sierra Hollister is a mother, runner, devoted yoga practitioner, and dedicated social and earth justice activist. Sierra considers herself a "yoga universalist," loving all the different traditions and lineages, and is certified in numerous traditions. Her yoga journey began with Sarah Powers in 1992, and in a beautiful non-linear way, carried her to Ahimsa Ashram in Washington, DC. Here, she fell in love with Kundalini Yoga and studied with the teacher who carried the teachings of Kundalini from India. Since that time, Sierra has been inspired and shaped by the teachings of many, including Guru Rattana Ph.D., Guru Singh, Tias Little, Patabhi Jois, Gurmukh Kaur, David Swenson, Seane Corn, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Kartar Singh, and Michael Stone. Of all of Sierra's loves, her first and most enduring love was Earth. This love led her to study Environmental Ethics as an undergraduate and led her to work at Greenpeace for many years and continues to beckon her, intertwining irresistibly with the great and universal vows of the beginning path of yoga.

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