Presenter Application Process and Guidelines

The Business of Yoga Conference
August 7-10, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA

Help Yoga Alliance spread the power of yoga through supporting those who have identified yoga as both their calling and their profession.

Yoga Alliance is seeking business savvy and service-oriented entrepreneurs to deliver unique and transformational presentations at our 2014 Business of Yoga Conference. Those who submit an application by Jan. 31, 2014 will have an opportunity to help other yogis improve their business practices and enhance their professional lives, in exchange for free or discounted registrations and expense reimbursements that vary by presentation type, We're also looking for teachers to lead the inspiring asana practices that will bookend each day of programming.

Our 2013 conference was attended by part-time and full-time teachers, RYS teacher trainers, as well as current and aspiring yoga studio owners.  Their common desires included wanting to make a difference and make a living; wanting to simplify their lives and streamline their businesses.Our members do not want to be talked at; they want to be engaged and challenged to reach their full potential and advance their careers and businesses.  Presenters should offer fresh, original, and intriguing content that explores new and better ways of tackling the issues in our members’ professional and personal lives. 

Presenter Expectations

Yoga Alliance takes our evaluation data very seriously, and our attendees are sensitive to anything perceived as self-promotional.  If you are a supplier or service-provider to the yoga industry, your presentation must focus on educating the audience rather than trying to sell a particular product or service. This will increase your chance of being considered for selection and improve your session’s reception with our members.

Upon acceptance of your proposal, more information will be provided on content leader criteria and deadlines associated with the conference.  All presenters are expected to meet all posted dates and deadlines.  Yoga Alliance reserves the right to make adjustments to, cancel or refuse any session that does not meet deadlines.  

Please note: Yoga Alliance reserves the right to modify the session title and description to fit our marketing style and format guidelines for the purpose of the conference website, onsite guide and other marketing materials.

Types of Sessions

  • Breakout Sessions are typically allotted 75 minutes, although depending on the format they may be anywhere from 45 minutes to 2-3 hours. Depending on the subject and your presentation style, they may be mostly lecture or highly interactive and hands-on with participants. Breakout session presenters should prepare for anywhere between 50-150 participants.

    Breakout session leaders will receive:
    • One night's stay at the conference hotel
    • Travel expense reimbursement up to $500
    • Free registration to the conference

  • Roundtable Discussions are great opportunities for networking in smaller groups and less formal settings. They are intended to be highly interactive; rather than giving a presentation, moderators should facilitate a true discussion amongst participants, and prepare questions on the chosen topic to jump-start the conversation. The time allotted for Roundtable Discussions will be between 50-75 minutes.

    Roundtable moderators may be eligible to receive a discount on conference registration, but are responsible for all conference-related travel and accommodation expenses incurred.

  • Asana: We are seeking Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYTs) to lead asana practices throughout the conference.  Asana teachers will be expected to begin and end on time; please note that all practice sessions are scheduled to last either 60 or 75 minutes, and teachers should expect between 50-125 students.  Yoga Alliance will advise conference attendees to bring their own mats and props.

    Asana teachers will receive a free registration to the conference, but are responsible for all conference-related travel and accommodation expenses incurred.

Selection Process

The 2014 conference has an application submission deadline of January 31, 2014. You will be notified in March 2014 on the status of your submission.  If your session proposal is being considered, Yoga Alliance may contact you sooner with additional questions.  
Please submit no more than two proposals.

The selection process is conducted by YA staff and Conference Committee volunteers.  We always receive many more proposals than available presentation slots, and as such, quality rather than quantity is always best when submitting proposals.  Send us your best ideas, rather than every idea you might have.

We suggest that you first collect your thoughts for your proposal before going to the online form, as your application will have to be completed in one sitting (it will not be saved if you close your browser before clicking “Submit Application” on the final page.)  When preparing to submit your idea, think about the topic as well as the format.  How are you going to make your session stand out in the crowd? 

Here are some questions to consider before you begin:
  • Who is the intended audience for your presentation?
  • Can you describe your presentation in a compelling way in 200 words or less?
  • What are some of the key things you hope attendees will learn and take away from your presentation?
  • Have you increased your physical following and attendance numbers using virtual tools like social media? 
  • Do you offer a fresh perspective on the topic of personal growth or professional development? 
  • Have you tried a new membership model at your studio? 
  • Can you share an original approach to improving studio management? 
  • Do you have an approach to help yoga studios be more socially or ecologically responsible? 
  • Has your business had success in forming partnerships or collaborating with local businesses?
  • How can you help Yoga Alliance to promote The Business of Yoga Conference to your own network of yoga professionals?

And of course, what type of session do you want to lead? (see descriptions above)

Now, put on your innovative thinking cap, take a deep breath, and share your ideas! 

Apply to present or teach at The Business of Yoga Conference 2014.

Should you have questions, please contact Sarah Fishman at sfishman(at)

Namaste and thank you!

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